Best Air Mattress for Camping in 2017 Reviews

Camping gets you in touch with nature. For every avid camper, we know how much comfort means to you. Being out all day through hiking trails and rocky paths can wear out even the best-trained muscle.

That’s why you need to rest up and be in the best shape to take your adventures even further the next day. Nothing gives that cozy night than an air mattress. They are luxurious, with a fill of plush cushioning for maximum support.

Below is a compilation of the best air mattresses for camping. These are most comfortable as they integrate modern technology including air pumps, Never Flat Technology and even ComfortCoil Technology.

Quick Look at Features to Expect

Air Mattress for CampingCapacityMattress WeightSizeHeightRating 
Intex Inflatable Fabric with Built-In Pillow Camping Mattress300 Pounds3 Pounds1-Person6¾-Inches3.8/5
Coleman Queen Airbed Cot600 Pounds41.9PoundsQueen Size22-Inches4.2/5
Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Airbed Mattress550 Pounds7 Pounds2-Person8-Inches4.3/5
SoundAsleep Air Mattress Camping Series500 Pounds14 PoundsQueen and Twin Size9-Inches4.2/5

Best Air Mattress for Camping Reviews in 2017

1. Intex Inflatable Fabric with Built-In Pillow Camping Mattress

Intex is a legend in the outdoor play world. You can be sure what they make for camping is structured for the extremities. The Intex Inflatable Fabric with Built-In Pillow Camping Mattress is a classic to camping.

It can face off the elements thanks to the laminated vinyl underside. It has superior resistance to any form of moisture such that even if your camper leaks in some water, the mattress will keep you protected.

Comfort Level

With a wave beam construction, the Intex camping mattress gives uniform sleeping surface. This is unlike the traditional airbeds where they may become uneven from the position you lie.

It assures you of a peaceful night, especially when sleeping on an uneven surface. With the topped fabric, it ensures the mattress is insulated so that you are warm throughout the evening.


Laminated vinyl does not only secure you from the extremities, but it is also tear resistant. The quality is over the top with an incorporation of a waterproof fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. It has parallel air channels to provide natural wear throughout the mattress.

This way, it stays in shape for the longest time possible. You’ll also love that with this bed; you can also take it on splash excursions without the top fabric like a pool floater.

Simple Sleeping Solution

This mattress allows use with a foot pump for easy and quick inflation. It fills to 17cm high so that you are well off the ground. Even better, when it’s time to leave camp, it deflates and folds into a compact size.


  • Affordably priced
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Carries an inbuilt pillow for added comfort


  • It is not wide enough for two people
  • It does not come with the air pump
  • It has a small weight limit


When you are looking to own a versatile air mattress, the Intex gives you that all-around functionality. It is water-resistant such that it can also be of use in the pool. The mattress is easy to inflate and deflate, and though it doesn’t carry its pump, it is sure to give just the right camping service.

2. Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

To escape crawling insects and wet grounds, Coleman brings us this raised airbed. It comes with a steel cot which elevates the bed off the ground. With it, you get the same feeling like you are sleeping in your bed at home. It is perfect for long expeditions where you need to preserve your energy and escape sore muscles in the morning.


This air mattress is large enough to accommodate two or more persons. It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds when used together with the cot. The good thing with this air mattress is that you can use both products separately and increase your bed space.

If you are having a family night out, the Queen Airbed will definitely come through. It saves you on space and from carrying lots of baggage in your camping arsenal.


Using ComfortCoil technology, this air mattress can maintain its shape throughout the night. You are safe from bumps and lumps which come if you sleep in only one area of the bed.

What’s more, it is furnished with a double air lock such that after you pump it, the first seal prevents immediate air loss. The other seal keeps the inflation intact as you sleep. This way you’ll enjoy your stay without aches and inflamed muscles.

You’ll fall for the two side tables since it provides a convenient eating space or storing your essentials. If you don’t have a camping table, the two platforms will serve the purpose for acting like a serving space. It also includes two cup holders to place drinks. This is the ultimate camping accessory.

Easy to Set-Up

The Coleman Queen Airbed comes with its 4D pump. This way, you’ll have an easy inflation time since it matches the double lock in exact dimensions. The pump also allows a leak-free set up such that after you find your firmness level, the mattress will not lose even an inch.

When you have pumped it to the ideal size, you just connect it to the steel cot using the sewn-in cover. Transporting it is also not a hassle as the airbed can fold to fit in the travel bag.


  • It can be of use both indoors and outdoors
  • The cot can be used separately as an extra sleeping space
  • It includes two side tables and drink holders
  • It comes with the air pump
  • Comes with the travel bag


  • The air pump does not come with the batteries
  • No pillows included
  • There’s an isolated complaint about some difficulty folding the cot


Coleman is the king of the outdoors. With a line of adventure lovers’ accessories, this air mattress proves we can depend on the brand. From the support to the ComfortCoil Technology used; it is a remedy for hassle-free camping. However, this bed is too big for only one person use.

3. Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Airbed Mattress

This model is the best fast speed solution for sleeping outdoors. Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Airbed Mattress carries impressive features that entail a stabilizer system plus an exclusive pressure management mechanism.

This is the mattress you’ll want to carry in case you have emergency sleeping problems when you are visiting friends or taking a hiking trip.

Designed for Comfort

With a construction from TPU, the mattress includes independent connectors between the bottom and top layers where you can customize the firmness.

It is perfect for persons who have a bad back since you can make it soft or firm for the perfect sleeping position. You’ll love that as a two-person mattress there’s minimized movement between partners since it has a stretch resistant surface.

Convenient Properties

Sometimes moving an air mattress after filling in with air is a bit awkward. Instead of fumbling with slippery sides, this mattress provides corner handles which provide for easy positioning.

You’ll like that with the two-part valve; the mattress inflates without causing any leakage in the process of removing the pump. Even better, it comes with the battery operated 4D pump such that you’ll not spend extra on necessary accompaniments.

Made to Last

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a strong element. As the major material for this mattress, the longevity extends many uses. It resists tear, moisture and stretching. It can, therefore, stay leak-free so that you use it in the best condition.

Did you know that TPU is lightweight too? Well, because of its use, this mattress is considerably smaller in weight such it packs in a subtle size. The travel bag comes with transport handles for easy carriage.


  • It has a robust construction
  • The firmness can be customized
  • It has one seam to eliminate chances of leaking
  • It can take on queen bed sheets
  • Eco-friendly materials make it


  • It does not include a top fabric
  • The pump loses charge quite fast


Lightspeed Outdoor airbed is not your usual camping accompaniment. It is the best air mattress for camping if you want to feel relaxed in your camper. It is free from harmful elements, and it does not carry the typical plastic smell. It comes with the air pump and deflating it is also simple. And thanks to the pressure stabilizer the mattress will never let you sleep on the floor.

4. SoundAsleep Air Mattress Camping Series

For you that love a touch of tenderness in a high-quality product, the SoundAsleep Air Mattress is made specifically for you. It is extremely comfortable with excellent support for persons of all ages. The manufacturer understands the outdoor conditions; that’s why this mattress is intended for that particular purpose.

Innovative Design

The SoundAsleep air mattress benefits from ComfortCoil Technology. It can maintain its shape and also prevent bumps from sleeping in one position. It also explores I-Beam air coils which keep the mattress from sliding or pushing to the center when you sleep.

This way you can sleep along with your spouse just like with a real foam mattress. The beauty of this make is that it also protects the material from stretching; hence it can last longer than standard airbeds.

Set Up in Minutes

If you don’t have an hour to spare when pumping your mattress, then you’ll find this one particularly useful. In around three minutes you get a full setup mattress thanks to the patented rechargeable pump.

It is exclusive to the SoundAsleep air mattress because it does not only help deflate the mattress, but you can recharge it with regular power outlets or your car. This is unlike other pumps which use batteries that typically run out fast.

Unique Features

It’s not every day you find a mattress with an anti-skid surface. It gives you that real-bed-feeling since as it holds its position against the floor, you can turn as many times and it will not shift.

Even better the mattress has thick layers which prevent any contact with hard objects where you place your mattress. Also, these materials are splash proof and tear resistant to keep it functional in good condition for a long time.


  • Uses resilient materials for durability
  • It includes a heavy-duty rechargeable pump
  • It comes with the carry bag
  • Has an affordable price
  • You can plug the charger virtually anywhere


  • It does not come with the pillow
  • It collects dirt and dust after many uses
  • It is a bit heavy for persons who hike with other camping gear


SoundAsleep is the pride of the outdoors. It is the best air mattress for camping on the market today. From the durable materials to the quick set up and rechargeable pump; it is just the real deal. The comfort is incredible since with the thick layers it retains its shape for many uses.


Can you inflate the product using other types of pumps?

The Intex air mattress allows you to use either a hand or foot pump.  You need to watch out for the size of the valve and that the pump is for air mattresses. The other mattresses on this list come with their air pumps. The SoundAsleep, in particular, allows for use with other pumps since it comes with an extra nozzle adaptor.

Does the product work with full-size bed sheets?

The Coleman, Lightspeed, and SoundAsleep can use full sized sheets. This is because they have ample space for two or more. The Intex is a one-person mattress; hence full-size sheets are a bit large.

Does the product come with a top cover?

The Intex and Coleman both carry a top cover but the Lightspeed and SoundAsleep do not include the top fabric.

Wrapping Up

A peaceful night sleep is also possible when spending time outdoors. With the best air mattress for camping, you’ll not sacrifice comfort because of sleeping in a camper. These brands combine the best technology and high-quality materials to bring the best camping air mattresses for your liking.

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