Ahoy! BEST All Mountain Snowboard Bindings | Reviews 2018

Your bindings majorly determine your performance on the snowboard. You never know how well it pays to be in a robust set until you have an awesome day cruising the groomers and handling all terrain without a hint of care. As an all-mountain rider, you want a taste of everything that’s why you don’t need limitations with your bindings.

It’s not always easy picking the right gear considering the flexes are different and you want one that suits your style. Going with looks is not a good idea on this one.

The last thing you want is stopping midway your ride to fix straps or loose buckles along the way. Here we bring you our favorite brands. These tell a tale of versatility where you can optimize them for your ride.

Quickly comparing the best all mountain snowboard bindings

All Mountain Snowboard BindingStiffness
Flux Bindings Snowboard Bindings4Carbon and Nylon blend
Flow Alpha Men’s Snowboard Bindings3Rockered baseplate
Burton Cartel Snowboard Binding EST8EST dual component baseplate

Best All Mountain Snowboard Bindings Reviews 2017

1. Flux DL Bindings Snowboard Bindings

Going from the park to performing groomed runs without changing your bindings requires an all-around set for your snowboard. The Flux DL comes in a medium flex, which gives you plenty to explore. These bindings are in a sturdy, high-quality design so you can count on them to provide you service in the best condition.

Strategic Baseplate

The Flux DL brings in a blend of carbon and nylon. It provides the subtle weight you experience when powering on rough rides. Along with the components is an EVA inner layer which comes together with urethane pieces along the outer lines.

It is built to give your toes some edge while eliminating chances of a heel roll. The titanium screws bring the whole ensemble cleanly to give it the strength it needs.

Supportive Highback

When it comes to making adjustments for your forward lean, the highback provides just that stiffness you need thanks to the Ultima wing. It gives the outside support to help your heels carve correctly. This way, you can respond quickly to your heelside movements. It boasts a construction from EVA and nylon to provide cushioning.

Closure System

The Flux DL is the ultimate all-mountain bindings, and the straps make them all better. They have a new honeycomb strap to hold down the ankle and keeping from shifting to the side.

The materials are padded for comfort while the Fletch 3D toes strap provides the leverage to allow maximum power for the entire ride. It strikes a balance between being soft and stiff for that solid hold.


  • Flex rating offers high speed
  • Lightweight baseplate provides proper foot response
  • EVA cushioning
  • Carries urethane stabilizers
  • Adjustable highback for the forward lean


  • Prices may range to high levels according to size, color, and quality
  • It may feel soft for seasoned snowboarders
  • Few sizes for ladies to choose from


Performance is top of the list of the game with the Flux DL. Prepare yourself to not only have some fun but to be better at what you love. These are bindings to take you to all the events and snow trails you like. You don’t have to a freerider with these, but you can as well explore freestyling.

2. Flow Alpha Men’s Snowboard Bindings

Do you want to feel awesome in the powder? Well, grab the Flow Alpha bindings and get it moving. This set is literally irresistible thanks to the soft flex they offer. They are made for the beginner in all-mountain snowboarding.

They deliver reliability in providing different stance options so that you can control the board and transfer the power to tinker and perform in all situations.

Baseplate Construction

The lightweight base benefits from a rocker technology to enable constant transfer of power. It gives you the responsiveness you need so that you can enjoy a fluid ride.

It has a combination of materials including channels which improves contact with the board such that you can maintain balance. Not forgetting, it comes with EVA heel and toe inserts to relieve the pressure and comfort the foot. This way, you’ll always be ready for impact.

Versatile Hiback

The Flow Alpha bindings explore a reclining hi-back which lifts automatically when you open it. You’ll have an easy entry and exit since it has active straps which reduce friction.

The power straps provide a tight feel without digging into your skin so that you can spend a whole day feeling comfortable with all your energy intact. The exo-fit power strap is there to wrap the formfits, and 3D shaped EVA to secure your calf and provide excellent support.

Perfect Lockdown

You’ll love that this binding set does not leave out the details on how well it can offer a precise fit. With the mini ratchet buckles, they can secure the power strap in, just the way you like.

They prevent any slippage so that you’ll not lose time trying to get the straps back on in the middle of your ride. What’s more, it has a full EVA footbed which carries 2.5-degrees of canting to ensure the energy transfer and support is all in sync.


  • Soft flex is ideal for beginners
  • Allows for adjusting the stance
  • EVA footbed cushions and support the foot
  • Easy to wear and remove due to the reclining hi-back
  • Allows for mounting on standard all-mountain boards


  • Experts may find the stiff level to be soft for a powerful ride
  • It is only in men sizes
  • Lacks in color choices


When Flow Alpha means business, they mean this exact pair of binding set. Its quality is overwhelming to serve you a decent period without a loss in cushioning and support. It is made to take you from beginners to experts in no time since it lets you explore the snowboarding world. If all-mountain rides are your style, then you’ll have this gear to thank. Only, even with the qualities, ladies will be disappointed to lack in the sizing considerations.

3. Burton Cartel Snowboard Binding EST

Burton sets the standard when it comes to snowboard bindings. This particular set is no exception with an innovative design that caters for the expert in all-mountain snowboarding.

It explores a stiff flex of 8 which gives you the rider the connection you need with the board. It allows for high responsiveness owing to a combination of the best components.

Feel the Board closer to your feet

The baseplate is perhaps the best entity of this ensemble. It varies the components which lie on the footbed with those on the edges to provide the perfect balance. You’ll love that it also combines nylon composite on the upper and lower parts of the underfoot to enable heel rolling and in turn help you make smooth turns.

The cushioning is top notch with the Burton. It uses dual density EVA which is moldable to your foot. It is the remedy to prevent unnecessary shifting while also giving you improved support.

A B3 gel is also applied to prevent it from disintegrating and breaking down after encountering many impacts. You’ll want it always to grace your feet since you’ll be free from squashed sides at all times.

Light Hi-Back

When it comes to cuff and ankle support, you’ll be pleased with the one-piece construction explored here. Burton wants you to feel your blood flow that’s why they make the bindings to move from being buttery to a feeling of being more responsive. It also applies a living hinge where you can adjust the lean and be able to rotate the hi-bag for a custom fit.

Secure Lockdown

Butler is quick to offer security to the foot by ensuring you have solid closure. It uses a hammock strap for the ankle which links you to the board. Since it uses few materials, you can expect it to be lighter than other bindings.

The toe strap is a combination of firm materials and injected mold which makes a connection with the 3D triple axis spine. The buckles also offer an immediate engagement to eliminate delays in the closure system.


  • Heavy-duty construction to stand up to outdoor rigors
  • Best for experts in rugged terrain
  • EST baseplate is soft and responsive
  • Flexible hinge plate
  • Lightweight design


  • Accommodates only Burton snowboards with the Channel
  • Does not have color choices
  • Sizes are a bit big for ladies


Burton is best sought by the pros as it achieves just the right performance. From the baseplate to the hi-back, and the straps everything comes together in a clean fashion. It is built to provide comfort, cushion, support, and a supple ride. But if you love to go through colors before you make a choice then you are stuck with just one here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the right all-mountain snowboard bindings?

For this type of riding style, you are known to do a little from each category so bindings with a medium flex can give you what you deserve.

Does your snowboard binding set come with a standard baseplate?

From our top picks, the Flux DL and Flow Alpha carry standard baseplates, but the Burton will only go with the Burton Channel.

How do you know the right bindings size?

After you have known the features to expect from good bindings like the straps, baseplate and the highback, it’s time you check for compatibility with your board and boots. The insert pattern on the board should match that of the bindings and the boot size. Every brand has their sizing chart to make it easy for you to pick the correct size.

Wrapping Up

Your snowboard riding experience gets better with the right bindings. Here we give you a detailed recap of the best brands. You’ll find them supportive, responsive and above all very durable. If you want in for a day full of fun on the lively outdoors, you will be in one of our best all-mountain snowboard bindings.

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