4 Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots of 2017-2018 + FAQ

Hiking is one of those extreme outdoor activities that will take your adrenaline to the next level bringing such an exhilarating feeling of achievement. The nature of such activities requires a participant to have the right gear and pieces of equipment for utmost safety and comfort.

Some must haves when going for any snowboarding expedition are a good quality snowboard, a pair of bindings and the best all mountain snowboard boots if you intend to traverse the mountains, as well as other outwears required for such an expedition.

Our review today looks at top all mountain snowboard boots designed not only for fun-filled snowboarding but also a safe and comfortable experience. With so many snowboard boots in the market, it is important to go for fitting boots with the right flex and lacing. Uncomfortable ill-fitting boots can cause soreness, injury and wetness in your feet, conditions that are not recommended during snowboarding.

Best All Mountain Snowboard Boots – Reviews 2017

1. DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boot

Targeted to the beginner and intermediate rider seeking comfort and a soft forward flexibility, the DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boots is definitely a good option. They also make a great ideal for the expert snowboarder looking for a spare pair of emergency boots.

These traditional boots offer a good mix of comfort and quality so that that can be used in the various terrains. Some of the wonderful features you get in these boots include:

Flex and Lacing System

With a flex of 6 these boots create a good balance between flexibility and stiffness which is just what a rider needs to go to the next level. The traditional lacing system is strategically designed to cover the boots’ uppers well. Not only this, it offers easy adjustability, lacing and unlacing.

Comfortable liner, sole and footbed

The boot’s red liners that are designed with a multi layer construction of EVA memory foam for comfort and good quality fleece for thermal regulation to ensure that you have the right fit and comfort.


The impressive Foundation UniLite Outsole made of rubber is tough yet quite light and low profile making it a preference for beginners. It is also quite protective to the feet.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up on the snowboard
  • Comfortable and warm


  • Liners may not very compatible with their shell


These snowboard boots are the best especially for park rides due to their stiffness of about 6. On the other hand, the DC Phase Boots would not provide the best of services if you want heel lift as they have low response.

2. Burton 104391 Men’s Ruler Snowboard Boot

Unlike the DC Men’s Phase, Burton 104391 is designed for the all-terrain rider. Again if you are out for an aesthetic appeal, this pair will give you just that.


Burton Men’s Ruler design is based on the Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology that ensures a rider has a perfect fit without the need to wait to break into his boots.

While the DynoGrip outsole provides extra traction both at the heel and the toe, the boots have an internal gusset which is also snow proof to protect your feet on the inside from moisture and keep your socks dry throughout.

The footbed on the other hand is made up of two types of cushioning, the sleeping bag reflective coil that reflects heat back into the feet to keep them warm and B3 Gel on the heel to absorb vibrations and protect the feet from impact.


Burton used its very own Imprint™ 2 for this boot’s liners. This liner is first of all moldable so it will be customized to fit your feet quite well. Secondly it is designed with tiny hot pockets whose role is to generate heat to keep your feet warm in extremely cold conditions.

The pockets are secured with a Velcro liner closure. The 3M™ Thinsulate made of synthetic material has also been integrated for insulation purposes.  This kind of attention to detail make Burton 104391 one of the most sought after boots.

Lacing System

Speed Zone lacing system was obviously a good choice by Burton because users love being in control of their lacing. This system lets you adjust the upper and lower zone of your boots independently for a perfect customized fit. Again these laces are made of New England rope known for its toughness. Lacing and unlacing has never been easier.


  • Perfect for keeping riders warm and dry regardless of the conditions.
  • Offer a combination of great performance and comfort


  • The shoes can be uncomfortably warm especially when used in a warm environment.
  • Some people still complained of the size being small despite the Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction Technology used in this boots


The Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots are perfect for the experienced snowboarder who is out to showcase his style thanks to its stiffness. The boots are not only trendy but the easy-to-use and secure lacing system makes them a great option. Again, this model is a true reflection of great attention to detail as far as warmth and comfort are concerned.

3. Thirtytwo Women’s TM 2 Snowboard Boots

The Thirty Two TM is impressively designed for the woman. Quite surprisingly, it is one of the few stiff flexed boots designed with maximum comfort. Again if you are endowed with wide feet, this should be an option to consider.


We start with the most impressive feature, the outsole. Vibram is certainly good choice for the outsole as it is made of rubber, lightweight and patterned at the bottom to yield a good grip on slippery surface along with excellent traction.

It is also flexible on the feet. In addition is pure rubber toe cap to keep your toes safe through rugged backcountry terrain.

TM Two snowboard boots come with the easy to use traditional lacing system that sits on a 3Dimension molded tongue that fits your upper feet quite well. Its Tongue Tension System is the other feature that anchors and secures the boots on your heels.

Flex and Footbed

These boots have a medium flex making them a good choice for intermediate and expert snowboarders.

Their footbed on the other hand is a true definition of warmth and comfort. With a heat moldable liner made of Evolution foam that is light and comfortable to the feet.

This coupled with a heel cradle made of molded TPU to support your arch and a heel pod made of dual density evolution foam to protect your heel against impact makes these boots safe to have on throughout.

The 3 L liners are also designed to provide internal support for an optimal hold on the heels. Apart from the neoprene toe cap to reduce pressure on the toes, the liners have Dual power wrap Velcro closure for a firm hold.


  • Good for individuals with wide feet
  • 3D Molded Tongue for easy lacing and good flex
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • You will have to exercise a little more care on the overly slippery hard ice


The Thirty-Two TM Two 2 women’s snowboard boots is a favorite thanks to its Vibram outsole and rubber toe cap. It does not only have a medium flex for thrilled hikes. The boots are also solidly built to last. Finally, their comfort and feet protection detail is impressive.

4. Thirtytwo Women’s STW BOA 13 Inch Snowboard Boot

The Thirtytwo women’s STW Snowboard boots offer great flex for the beginner who is building confidence and advancing in skill.

Lacing system

The snowboard boots are designed with a BOA lacing system that makes easy for locking in and getting a glove like fit. Closing the Boa lacing is as easy as turning a knob and you don’t have to worry about the lacing loosening like is common with regular ones.

Flex and liner

With the STW BOA 13 Inch Snowboard Boot you will also enjoy a soft flex rated 4/10 which is best for beginner riders looking for a higher challenge. This offers support and the ability to traverse the mountains confidently.

This boots are designed with EVA memory foam cushioning on the inside for comfort, warmth and protection from cold, impact and other risks your feet may be exposed to.

The outsole too reflects the purpose of the insole with rubber construction making the boots lightweight and flexible.

Finally , for custom fitting, the liners are moldable therefore you will not have to wait for your boots to pack out for them to fit you well.


  • Moldable liners for a custom fit
  • There is a size available for wide feet


  • People with narrow feet can struggle getting the right fit hence may consider checking other models.


The STW BOA Snowboard Boot is obviously a great pick for ladies growing their skill. These boots are designed with basic features however they still make a good choice if you are looking for simplicity. The BOA Laces and the rubber soles are two outstanding features that these boots can be recognized for.

Frequently Asked Questions about All Mountain Snowboard Boots  

1. Why should I get snowboards with moldable thermal liners?

Moldable heat liners have the advantage of being able to be heated and then shaped to someone’s feet for a precise fit. This is also advantageous as you will not have to wait to break into your boots.

2. What is the difference between freestyle and freeride boots?

The freeride boots are stiffer and offer more support for undertaking more aggressive snowboarding. Freestyle on the other hand is soft flexed making them ideal for plays and tricks.  

3. What is Boa lacing?

Boa refers to a lacing system that replaces ordinary  lacing with a cable attached to a dial that you simply need to twist to adjust your laces to be tighter or loose. There are two Boa lacing systems.

The single Boa lacing system is designed with only one knob to tighten laces for the whole boot while the double Boa lacing comes with two lace tightening knobs on the upper and lower zone of the boot.

4. Why is it important to have a professional fitter?

It is recommended that you have a professional fitter when you are selecting a snowboard boot. The professional boot fitter is skilled in assessing the shape of your foot, advising you about the right boots based on your requirements and ensuring that the boots have the right fit, flex, and performance that meets your skill level and riding style. These people will be valuable for recommending the best all mountain snowboard boots for you.

5. When should I go for specialist insole or footbeds?

Specialized insoles or footbeds are important for cushioning people who suffer from certain feet problems like flat feet. Some boots come with customizable insoles or footbeds, while others are just added to your boots at the time of purchase and will normally be bought separately.

The insoles and footbeds are vital for providing that extra support and increasing impact absorptions. Other benefits include having a good posture while on the board easier turning.


The best all mountain snowboard boots are designed with a host of convenient features, yet best as we know is relative. Look for a pair that will meet your specific needs particularly as far as comfort, flex and performance are concerned. Again you need to pick the right model based on your gender.

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