Winter is Coming: BEST All Mountain Snowboards 2018 Reviews

If you enjoy riding in different types of snow, an all-mountain snowboard is necessary to have. The best all mountain snowboards are versatile in nature and can be used to ride in both mountainous and snow areas.

The good thing about these snowboards is the fact that they are perfect for both professionals and beginners. If you are just starting out, you will certainly enjoy such daring activities as riding the halfpipe, surfing powder or doing airing in a park.

There are different types of boards to suit an individual’s expertise. These boards also come in various base profiles, edge designs, and flexibility. It is therefore important that you consider the specific features of each model when making your purchase to meet your specific needs.

In our review, we have taken our time to do an in-depth test and analysis of only the best boards in the market. Here is what we found out.

Quickly Comparing The Best All Mountain Snowboards

All Mountain SnowboardsSystem Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard PackageMen’s One MagtekMen’s K2 StandardJones Mountain Twin Snowboard 2016 – Men’s
ManufacturerSystemRossignolK2Jones New York
TerrainAll MountainAll MountainFreestyle/ All-mountainAll Mountain
Ability LevelIntermediate/ ExpertIntermediate/ ExpertBeginner/IntermediateIntermediate/ Expert
Rocker ProfileCamber/Rocker/CamberRocker/CamberRocker/ Flat / RockerHybrid Camber
ShapeDirectional TwinDirectionalDirectional TwinDirectional Twin
Core/LaminatesBiaxial and Triaxial FiberglassWoodWoodWood
Flex6/10 Medium7/10 Medium /stiff7/10 stiff

Best All Mountain Snowboards: The Reviews 2017

1. System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard Package New 2017

This may well be considered one of the best all mountain snowboards in the market. The System Timeless and Summit Complete Men’s Snowboard comes as a full package of snowboard gear to equip you for the most difficult of terrains.

The Timeless system’s board is not only made of high-strength 3D Core but also densely compacted stringers near the center of the board and on each rail. This board is effective on powder and will power through rough terrain without a hassle. Some of the unique features in the timeless system include:


The camp seven summit bindings are some of the lightest bindings yet surprisingly very durable. With a base pad made of EVA memory foam, the cloud-like comfort you will enjoy during your ride is definitely worth the spend.

This also makes it stable enough for an easy ride through rough terrain. In addition to that, the Either-or-toe strap lets you be more in charge as you can choose to ride the board using the toe cap style or the forefoot.

This board is 162 cm yet each size comes with a unique width since some features you need to consider when getting a board include your foot size, weight, stance angle, and stance width.

The Snowboard Boots

The APX Men’s snowboard boots are designed with comfort and durability in mind yet again their design will charm you. They come attached with strong metal hooks to offer a firm grip for the laces and optimize their powerful functionality.

Aside from that they come with liners that can be molded using thermoheat to custom fit your feet something we found to be important to users. Its cuffs are also great as far as flexibility is concerned.


This System Snowboard Package comes equipped with the strong 3D Core system with an edgelock that’s tip to tail poplar  designed with sturdy stringers along the outside of the board but at its center and on every rail for a great ride and edge response in just any snow condition.

Camber Rocker Camber

The CRCX Camber Rocker Camber Profile is one of the best if you are considering an additional explosive pop and fun smooth ride. This is because it is quite effective at floating deep or shallow powder and also offers an edge protection for the board.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast for those who love speed


  • The aluminum top of the board is painted rather than anodized making it scratch easily
  • Best for expert snowboarders


A full package of quality snowboarding components is definitely worth your bucks. However if you are a beginner you may want to start with an easy-learn-easy-ride snowboard before picking on this one. Overall, it is sturdily built and quite durable too.

2. Rossignol Men’s One Magtek: All Mountain Snowboard

Another very handy and definitely appealing snowboard for the all-mountain rider is the Rossignol Men’s One Magtek. Unlike many boards, One Magtek is among the few boards that can ride well on the overly hard snow areas.

On the other hand the park and backcountry riders can still benefit from its strength and comfort. Jump on it, ride on it, land with it, curve or skid with it, you will find it quite tough and stable yet still it will deliver a smooth ride.  Here is why we placed it among the top:

Construction and Performance

This medium-stiff flexible all mountain snowboard incorporates First Lite technology for its snowboard frames which features a Urethane strip on its outer border for full length shock absorption and easy maneuverability however it will take some energy to do this. Its sidewalls are  made with reinforced ABS which contributes a great deal to its durability.

In addition, it makes use of Amptek technology which integrates an enhanced edge grip thanks to its serrated edge, the 40% camber under foot along with a 60% early rise rocker tip and tail for a good performance on hard snow.

The RadCut and Magne-traction mechanisms also incorporated in this snowboard makes use of the 5S sidecut facilitate firm edge grip that is critical when dealing with bumps.

The board has been made by elements like fiberglass, basalt, thermoplastic, and polyurethane laminates that absorbs vibrations while increasing resistance. This is why the board is quite stable despite being relatively light when compared with other mountains boards.


  • Exceptional float on powder
  • Sturdily built


  • At about 190 lbs, this board may be heavy for some users particularly beginners


The One Magtek Men’s snowboard by Rossignol is obviously a great tool for the all-mountain or free rider who is keen on stiffness, stability, and a firm edge grip. The beginner might have a difficult time due to its weight. Overall, it is a very good investment for powder floating.

3. K2 Men’s K2 Standard: Snowboard Board 2017

By all means this is not just another ordinary standard snowboard. Consider it way above the standards given its innovative and quality technological features only found in top snowboards.

If you love downhill rides you may well consider this as your next companion. The K2 Standard is also a good board for people just starting out or seeking to learn new moves while enjoying the mountain.

Here are some important features you’ll love in the K2 snowboard.


This unit is built uniquely with a tapered tip and tail on its catchfree profile to minimize its weight making it easy for beginners to manipulate the board and build confidence when making spins.

It comes with a flat camber baseline commonly known as the Flatline Technology which gives you a good grip especially if you are fond of freerides while keeping the edges of the board stable particularly during turns and transitions.

In addition, the flat midsection makes it easy to initiate the rocker tips by maintaining its contact points above the snow. In the process, the edges are prevented from biting and catching.


If you are in search of a durable unit, this one is built to last. Its laminates are made with biaxial glass to facilitate a smooth ride on any terrain. Secondly, its 2000 extruded P-tex base is known for its easy maintenance and durability. The Core is designed with strong pure wood to deliver the much needed snap and flex in addition to durability.


  • Great design for both learners and intermediates thanks to its dependable grip
  • Smooth ride
  • Lots of pop and play
  • Exceptional Carving ability


  • One of the few boards with not much coming forth in terms of cons. However, a few users still experienced some difficulty maneuvering it.


This snowboard obviously comes with most featured any rider would look for; toughness and durability, innovative design and quality construction. Most importantly, it comes with a design that keeps its user safe yet still provides the level of confidence needed for a shorter learning curve.

4. Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard 2016 – Men’s

Jones mountain Twin is designed for the freestyler. Consider it if you are looking for a playful board suited for various terrains including snowy mountain slopes, groom runs and backcountry trails. The board’s design also allows it to skate a mountain terrain at a very high speed yet with excellent stability.

  •  It is twin directional

The twin directional shape makes this snowboard to be highly functional delivering flexibility during freestyle rides on top of exceptional floating ability. It is well designed to ride both directions and is considered quite effective in making turns.

However, the board’s stance is wider than its narrowest points hence can make one a little bit uncomfortable. With a width of 164 against and an ability to make snap turns and extra float in the powder, a little discomfort  can be traded off.

The combination of camber and underfoot right between the bindings, in addition to the rocker tip and tail features provide the board with the unique ability to float over soft snow.

Therefore if you are out to enjoy the playful feel, its flex rates stand at 7/10 which is a high level of stiffness. You will need to load the board a little more when just about to jump to avoid bad landing.

  • Mellow Magne-traction

The Mellow Magne-traction provides a unique snap to the Mountain Twin board that provides very good carving. One of the element people like at the first instant is the shape and the curvy appearance.

Twin falls among the Best all mountain snowboards as not only cuts into hard snow on the groomers more efficiently the average boards, the board has also very great performance in the park.

  • Progressive sidecut

The progressive sidecut provides this board with consistency when performing in all the pack, groomers, and park. With the Twin snowboard, one does not need to purchase many specialized boards available in the market.

The snowboard sidecut feature is an edge between the tail and nose of the board and has a great effect on the turning property of the board. The board has a larger sidecut which provide it with stability at a very high speed. You will however need to put a little bit more effort in controlling it and making small turns.


  • A jack-of-all-trades snowboard good for any condition and terrain
  • Floats well on powder
  • Provides great edge-hold


  • Not suitable for beginners who need more flex than stiffness


For deep powder and park rides, the Jones Mountain Twin Snowboard comes as a great recommendation. again , it is one of the most playful snowboards thanks to its great response and fast speed.

Buyer’s Guide

Although mountain snowboarding started as an extreme sport, it has grown to become a very popular activity for people of all skill levels. Before you hit the slopes, you will need a good mountain snowboard. Nevertheless, getting the right snowboard among the many in the market can be a challenging task. Here are some guide tips to help you during your selection.

Factors to Consider during your Selection

  • Intended use: To get the best all mountain snowboard for your needs, you need to first decide what exactly it is you will want to do with the board. One important feature most top mountain boards possess is versatility. These units can be used on different grounds including slopes, groom runs, and backcountry rails. Mountain snowboards can either be directional for downhill rides or twin tip for riding both directions.
  • Flex/Stiffness: Secondly, check the flexibility of the snowboard by looking at the flex rating somewhere in the middle of the board. A stiffer board is more stable and easy to control hence can provide a perfect push when making a jump. The disadvantage is that you can easily fall when you make a poor landing. On the other hand, a softer board is perfect for beginners and learners as they easier to maneuver. On the other hand, they are not very stable.
  • Shape: The board’s shape is an important factor you need to take into consideration. Depending on your preferred stance, you may either go for a board that is symmetrical or one that is tapered on each end.
  • Profile: When it comes to profile, you may look at whether the snowboard has rockers and cambers that provide a curvy look when viewed from the side. The four types of profiles to select from can be based on board’s features like a rocker, camber, flat and hybrid, with each profile providing a given level of control.

Frequently Asked Questions about All Mountain Snowboards

  1. How do I get right all mountain snowboard size?

To select the right size of the board for your adventure you need to take into consideration your height and weight. You may want your board to be just under your chin. The rule of the thumb is to have a shorter board for freestyle riding since they are designed for a lot of tricks and play, but a slightly longer board for the free ride which is the best option for an all mountain rider.

  1. What equipment is recommended for the beginner?

In addition to the three basics including a snowboard, boots, and bindings, not only beginners, but all riders should ensure that they are protected against painful falls by investing in a good helmet, knee guards, impact shocks and vests. Beginners may especially want to have back protectors and gloves wired with wrist guard for protection against wrist sprain when having a contact with the snow.

  1. What size bindings and boots should I get?

The boots you use are more important than the board. It is, therefore, a good idea to ensure that you have comfortable snowboard boots when making your purchase.

The boot size is determined by the width of the board you will use. You may want to avoid boots that are too big for your board as they will hang over an edge when a turn in the snow. On the other hand, relatively smaller boots reduce the pressure that you make on the board when making your turns, reducing the board’s responsiveness.

  1.  Is step in system important consideration when selecting a board?

Step-in system is a mechanism used to lock the boots and the bindings, activated by simply stepping on the binding. Some brands will use this technology differently therefore you may land a board that allows you to exit the binding by pulling or pushing a certain lever.


All Mountain snowboards are truly a jack-of-all-trade. Whether you want to ride groomers, do jumps, float on deep powder, or ride around trees, these units obviously make an excellent choice. We hope that our review and buyer’s guide will give you the needed understanding when the time comes to get the best all mountain snowboard for your needs.

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