Brr! Best Base Layers for Cold Weather Reviews

A good base layer is a foundation for warmth in cold conditions. It helps you stay active and comfortable while wicking away sweat. Sweat makes you cold this is why you need to be in something that does not increase the risk of hypothermia.

The art of layering clothes is something we learn through many mistakes which guide our experiences. But you don’t need to go through the same process.

Here, we look at the best base layers for cold weather. We have chosen them because they are versatile for use in different circumstances. Say you want to hike, stay in the office, or just spend some time outdoors. They’ll regulate your body’s temperature by retaining the heat you generate and also keep you cool when you are hot and sweaty.

Best Base Layers for Cold Weather Reviews in 2017

1. Duofold’s Mid-Weight Men’s Crew Neck Top

Duofold has a reputation for producing only the best products the market has to offer. Take this crew neck top for example; it has a construction from a blend of materials that will keep you cozy as you face the extremities that come with winter.

It is from cotton and polyester, a combination that is inspired by chilling weather. With it, you can wear a set of other layers but still feel breathable throughout the day.

Convenient Properties

The essence of this crew neck is for you to be able to partake in your everyday activities without feeling stuck in your clothes. This top bears the classic crew neck which makes it ideal for wearing with dress shirts and turtlenecks.

It does not hug your body when you are all sweaty since it has excellent wicking capabilities. This way you can rely on it if you are walking in the woods, working, skiing or even camping.

Consistent Reliability

This is not the type of top you throw out after a few uses because of odor retention. You can wear it any day every season since it does not retain the slightest of smells. Even if you choose to sleep with it, you can still have at it when you can’t step into cold work outfits.

It runs to body size and shape without stretching out, and it does not also feel too tight. After you’ve identified the correct size, the manufacturer is sure to give you exactly what you want.

Easy Care and Maintenance

This top is machine washable. You’ll not have to hang it out to dry for fear it will melt when put in the dryer. It does not also lose its original shape with each wash.

The fabric blend is in two layers to maintain your body heat in frigid weather and still wick away sweat when the sun is out. It is a timeless piece which doesn’t have to wait for winter to be of good use.


  • It is lightweight and feels comfortable
  • Soft fabrics prevent itching
  • Ideal for chilling weather
  • It’s perfect for low-impact activities


  • The sleeves are a bit short
  • The seams may start showing after many washes
  • It is not great for extreme arctic weather


If you are looking to enjoy winter activities, this top works best. It has a blend of warm and soft materials to give you a sense of relaxation. For you that need a top for high-impact activities like running this may not be the product you are looking to acquire.

2. Duofold Wicking Women’s Mid Weight Thermal Shirt

Ladies, you’ll fall for this thermal shirt. It is flattering with cute colors to select from. From the baby pink to the frost blue, you’ll be at a loss for picking just one. That’s we recommend going home with a week’s supply for every day. The beauty is the attractive price which makes it a favorite brand.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This shirt does not have buttons, zippers or even a collar to make it bulky. It is one of the lightest items that you can have as a base layer but still feel warm throughout the day.

It is also made from cotton and polyester meaning it is soft against the skin. Each contact it makes with your body is to either preserve your body temperature or cool you down on a hot day. It does not trigger any form of itching hence it is hypoallergenic.

Everyday Wear

This clothing item serves for multiple purposes. The fabric is useful when you want to dress down for work and after that go to the party. Thanks to the polyester, you’ll not stay wet hence it opens your world to achieve much more when the outside conditions seem to dictate otherwise. It has that close-to-boy fit which prevents the body from losing most of the heat you are generating.

This underwear is also treated to resist odor retention. It serves the purpose for wearing it multiple times without washing it severally. It has a high level of moisture control which provides for constant airflow between the garment and your skin.


  • Effective in warmth retention
  • Flat seams prevent irritation
  • Can be worn throughout the season
  • Resists build-up of body odor


  • It fits tight if you choose a size smaller
  • Isolated complaint on the color
  • There are concerns on the packaging


This shirt excels in the most unpredictable winter weather. If the thought of facing the snow sends chills to your body, this item will restore that confidence.

It is made for the extremities, and as such, you can as well get out there and do what you love in at the heart of winter. Only remember not to take up aerobic classes and other heart racing activities since it can be slow at wicking sweat.

3. ColdPruf Dual Layer Men’s Platinum Bottom

This expertly designed underwear will sure up your layering game. It has a construction from polyester and merino wool. These two fabrics are the best when it comes to keeping up with an active lifestyle even when the temperatures plummet.

You’ll like that it is the type that you can wear when it’s -200 Celsius and you feel warm and also gear it up in summers over 600, and it keeps you fresh.

Made for High Impact Activities

If you have an active lifestyle, this bottom will come in handy. It is perfect for medium to high activities such that you can take your morning run or train for basketball in it.

Between the dual layers, it can wick sweat from your skin to the outer layer, and outside the body, so you’ll feel dry pretty fast. And when you can’t afford to lose that heat, it traps air in these layers consequently protecting you from freezing.

True to Size

As you’ll notice, this bottom comes fitted to your frame. It fits in a relaxed manner without cinching on any part. From the flat seams to the tagless waistband, you’ll be able to wear it over other outerwear like your office suit or jeans.

This is the true definition of feeling cozy all day long. The merino wool will keep you warmed up even when you work in a poorly heated office so that you can carry on your daily tasks with ease.

Comfortable Everyday Wear

Nothing beats a good bottom if you’ll start itching after some sweat leaves your skin. That’s why this base is made to help you keep dry. With the ring spun yarns, it is soft, and you can wear it a couple of times since it is also treated with an anti-odor finish. It is a remedy for all the men who like breaking a sweat before work but can’t commute in the cold.


  • Breathable and wicks moisture when it’s hot or cold
  • One can wear it multiple times without washing
  • It resists shrinking after washing
  • Comes with a tag free waistband


  • The size may not fit if you order one size up or down
  • It feels too warm before it becomes comfortable
  • It may come off as high rise for some


This pair is more basic than other styles made from cotton. It is flexible for use when you are either active or just staying indoors. The fabric that makes it gives you an extra layer of protection since it is not just one. You’ll like it better when you have to stay for extended hours in snow such as blowing snow off your driveway.

4. Minus33 Merino Wool Mid-Weight Women’s Franconia Bottom

We know how well being comfortable and snug means when the air is crisp from all night snowing.  If you have to be exposed to the cold, the right base layer will make it alright.

And when you are in bottoms made for the worst snowfalls, you can rest easy. The Minus33 Women’s Leggings is from 100% merino wool. It is capable of regulating your body heat all day long.

Breathable Fabric

The balance that merino wool strikes is what makes this bottom unique. You can wear it keeps your body cool in spring and also warm in winter. What more could you ask for with such a versatile item? This fabric absorbs moisture in the most natural way wicking it away from your body. This aspect makes it basic everyday wear.

Comfortable Fitting

The Minuss33 Women’s Bottom follows an interlock knit construction. This way it conforms to your body such that it does not expand with consecutive wears.

Even better, it is smooth on the skin with a close fit such that as your base layer, you can pair it up with your favorite office pants. The flat seams make it comfortable as it is itch free.

Simple Maintenance

Probably the best part of this bottom is that is washable and dryable. This means you won’t take your time hand washing it and waiting for it to dry for hours on end. What’s more, merino wool does not shrink so you’ll not have to iron it all the time. As such, it is the best base layer for cold weather.


  • Provides maximum heat insulation
  • It is non-itchy against the skin
  • Regulates temperature in varied weather conditions
  • It repels body odor


  • It’s a bit pricey among cold weather pants
  • May not fit well for small legs
  • It is sized short, so it is not ideal for persons over 6ft


As the temperatures change, you can help stabilize your body’s heat in this legging. It is an all-day wear with other outfits since it fits snugly without leaving any loose areas. However, it is ideal for the cold but not extreme blizzards since it is only two layers.


Does this product have a sizing chart?

Every piece here is available in many sizes. All manufacturers have listed their sizing chart to help you choose your size fast and easy.

Is the product itchy?

No, every item on this list has a construction from itch-free materials. They are meant to wick away the sweat, so you’ll always feel dry.

Is the product warm when layering with thin outer layers?

Yes, the mid-weight feature along with each item speaks of the dual layers that it has. It can trap air between them and prevent further loss of heat when you are in thin outfits like hospital scrubs.

Summing Up:

This list presents the best base layers for cold weather. They are basic items but are necessary to maintain your body heat. Each pick is comfortable and soft so pick yours as you prepare for this winter

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