Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis | Reviews 2017

Do you swear by the trail every vacation? Then you’ll not want to be in your house this summer. But plantar fasciitis can keep you indoors way after the holidays. This is a condition where you experience intense pain on your heel after resting. It is coined from plantar fascia, the core tissue running from the heel to the toes. When it is inflamed, it causes a stabbing pain that we now call plantar fasciitis.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite sport. Fortunately, there are hiking boots made specifically to help manage that pain so that as you heal, you can hit the trails and be one with nature. These are the best hiking boots for plantar fasciitis since they are well cushioned and perform to keep your foot from shifting.

Comparable Features

Hiking Boots for Plantar FasciitisCushioning & SupportShaft MeasurementTractionWeightRating 
Timberland White Ledge Men’s Hiking Waterproof BootDual-density EVA foam footbed4.75-Inches from ArchMulti-directional lugs2 Pounds4.5/5
KEEN Targhee II Women’s Mid WP Hiking BootMolded dual-density EVA Foam4.5-Inches from Arch4mm Multi-directional lugs with contoured heel lock2.3 Pounds4.6/5
Merrell Moab Men’s Ventilator Mid Hiking BootOrtholite footbed4-Inches from ArchSticky Vibram outsole2 Pounds4.5/5

Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

1. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Hiking Waterproof Boot

These are the all-time best selling walking shoes. First, they have a construction from top grain leather. This means they have not undergone any sanding or buffing which would diminish the quality of the leather.

This feature gives them the aspect of longevity since leather gets better as it ages. This leather styling makes the Timberland White Ledge your next hiking baby as it is completely waterproof.

Support and Breathability

Remember we are trying to help alleviate stress from the heel. This is where cushioning comes in. With the 4inch lift for the arch, it helps align your foot to absorb pressure with each stride.

This shoe has an EVA foam footbed. It supports the heel completely while keeping it comfortable. The good thing with EVA foam is that when it is perforated, the shoe becomes breathable. This way, it will not retain any sweat which would make it slide.

Again, the insoles are removable such that you can wash them after use. The textured lining is another great feature as it is responsible for wicking away moisture.

This means you’ll always feel warm but not too hot or wet when you sweat. The collar is heavily padded to provide ample support to your ankle area. The worst thing that would happen is a rolled ankle which will keep you from continuing your hike.


This shoe benefits from a thick rubber outer sole with multi-direction traction lugs. This is perhaps the best outdoor shoe for venturing on wet grounds. With the grip surface, it is anti-skid hence keeping your foot planted to the shoe even on rocky paths.

Timberland explores their exclusive Brake, Support, Flex, and Propel (B.S.F.P) technology on the heel. It gets you the best support to accelerate and climb with ease.


  • It is entirely waterproofed
  • It has a breathable insole
  • Provides ample arch support
  • It carries a versatile outer sole


  • It does not include a protective toe cap
  • It has an upscale price tag
  • It does not have bright color options


Take care of your heel pain when hiking with the Timberland’s White Ledge. They have extra cushioning with EVA foam plus for the best arch support and shock absorption. This is the shoe that will take care of your feet and prevent recurrence of plantar fasciitis.

2. KEEN Targhee II Women’s Mid WP Hiking Boot

Pain in the heel can render you inactive if you don’t know how to take care of it. The proper footwear makes all the difference in helping you regain your strength while restoring lost foot agility.

With the KEEN Targhee II Women’s Mid WP Hiking Boot, you can go out there and enjoy long walks on beaten paths without the discomfort of aching feet.

Cushioning and Support

Thanks to the long shaft, the arch is fully supported to prevent overcompensating when you climb. This means whenever you lift your foot; the arch does not overstretch hence the torn ligaments can heal even when you want to walk fast or brake upon impact. The wide heel provides for shock absorption and keeps the foot from shifting inward.

What’s more, it comes with EVA foam cushioning which is the best when it comes to giving the foot a soft landing. You’ll like that this midsole has double the thickness of regular insoles thus it gives the feet the propulsion you need when you take hiking on steep hills.

Another unique aspect is the toe cap. When you want to reduce the stress to the heel, the toes must be stable. The toe cap is a great way to help align the foot with the shoe without putting pressure on any area.

Outsole built for hiking

It carries thick multidirectional lugs that measure a good 4mm. This feature gives it the rugged touch for advancing on uneven terrain. Along with the stability shanks, the boot is ideal for tackling mountain climbing and even going down steep valleys.


  • It is splash proof
  • It has a mesh lining for breathability
  • Heel is contoured for better braking and stability
  • It’s a mid-height boot to provide full ankle support


  • For a ladies shoe, the colors are limited
  • They may lose the grip after years of use


This is the most practical shoe when it comes to hiking with plantar fasciitis. The heel, toe and arch support are on point. You’ll want to invest in the wide heel area plus long shaft which stabilizes the foot and keeps it locked. You are protected from further injury while providing a safe environment for healing.

3. Merrell Moab Men’s Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

This shoe delivers the performance not seen on just any hiking boot. It is built to tackle the outdoors with agility. Merrell Moab uses the best shoe technology to increase comfort while providing for the natural contours of your foot to take shape. It is here to help control your plantar fasciitis by supporting your arch and ankle.

Proper Cushioning

The Merrell Moab utilizes the Ortholite midsole. It ranks top in the sports shoe world mainly because it retains the shape after you step out of the shoe. It is the remedy for long term cushioning since it does not lose the thickness over time. Other than the support, it is very airy and lightweight.

If you’ll be hiking under the scorching sun, it comes in handy to provide breathability. You’ll like that it is treated for odor retention along with the antimicrobial function it plays. As your feet are always dry, there are little chances of developing fungal infections.

Trekking Soles

This boot explores an excellent solution for hiking by Vibram. The outsoles have rugged rubber which is functional on all types of surfaces from forest floors, slippery slopes, bare rocks, and even on ice. They are abrasion-resistance; thus safe when you don’t want to give up the sport just yet.

Ample Heel and Ankle Support

This mid-height boot covers your ankle entirely. Without the shift to the foot, you can expect total cradle to the heel. It also enjoys lots of padding on the collar to give a flexible platform for the foot. Also, the lace closure system is critical in providing the entire foot stability by locking it in position.


  • Sticky Vibram outsole ensures complete traction
  • Perfect for rugged terrain
  • Ortholite footbed gives all-around cushioning
  • Heel is flexible decreasing tension on the plantar fascia


  • It is not an all-weather shoe
  • It can run a size small
  • It is a bit pricey considering the unique features it carries


This shoe is a must have for the adept hiker. The outer sole is most notable for the excellent traction intended for all surfaces. It is perfect for propulsion control and above all securing your heel from awkward shifting. The only thing though is that you’ll not be able to use this shoe throughout the seasons since they are not entirely waterproofed.

The Best Hiking Boots for Plantar Fasciitis: Buying Guide

Padded Midsole

How thick is the insole? What material makes it? The best hiking boot for plantar fasciitis should take the pressure off the heel. EVA foam has the best padding to ensure the arch does not strain during impact.

Flexible Heel Area

As much as you want stability, you’ll want to feel comfortable. An adaptable heel will ensure the foot does not press inward. Look for boots which allow some room for spreading the heel.

Thick Outsole

Rubber outsoles with deep traction provide the best adhesion. They are durable, and they can take on rough terrain. Rubber is also an excellent shock absorber hence it is perfect for taking up the pressure of challenging hiking expeditions.


Are the boots entirely weather proofed?

The Timberland shoe is completely water resistant since it has full grain leather on the frame and tongue. The KEEN follows closely as the tongue is breathable but the rest of the body seals completely. Lastly, we have the Merrell Moab which will only prevent water leaking from the outsole. The top has leather and textile in equal measure.

Do they have wet rock traction?

Yes, every shoe here benefits from lugged traction. The boots can grip on all types of surfaces including slippery rocks. They explore technologies like contoured heel lock and sticky Vibram soles to ensure excellent floor grip.

Are the boots heavy?

No, every model comes with a weight range of 2 pounds. This aspect makes them not only lightweight but also perfect for long adventures.


Being outdoors with plantar fasciitis does not equal to discomfort. These boots will ensure you have a safe hike. More so because of the cushioning and arch support, they are set to give your feet room to walk, spread and propel with better agility.

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