Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet | Reviews 2017

It is a fact that there is a wide range of hiking boots to pick from and getting the right ones can be quite frustrating thanks to the numerous branded and brandless boots out there. If you have wide feet, it doesn’t get any easier and blisters and other injuries are never far off.

Some common elements you need to look out for when selecting the best hiking boots for wide feet are that they don’t only provide excellent support to the ankles but also have good padding in the right places.

Our review today checks out the best of men and women’s hiking boots designed for wide feet in an in depth analysis that we hope will ease your selection process.

Quickly Comparing the Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

HIKING BOOTS FOR WIDE FEETMen’s Quest 4D 2 GTXWhite Ledge Men’s BootsWhite Ledge Women’s BootsWomen’s Renegade GTX
Boot TypeLight Hiking / BackpackingLight Hiking/ Day HikingMid Hiking / Day Hikes and Backpacking
MaterialTextile/ Nubuck LeatherAll-LeatherAll-LeatherNubuck Leather
Waterproof LiningGORE-TEXFull-grain Waterproof LeatherFull-grain Waterproof LeatherGORE-TEX
Weight per pair2 lb. 13 oz. (Size 9)2 lb. 6 oz1 lb. 15oz2 lbs. 2 oz.
ClosureLace UpLace UpffLace UpLace Up
Mid SoleDual Density EVADual Density EVADual Density EVAPolyurethane

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Reviews


1. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

The Salomon Quest 4D2 GTX is a light performance boot that has become necessary for fast moving backpackers. These boots are comfortable thanks to their removable EVA midsole which is an excellent shock absorber.

It is one among the best hiking boots for wide feet owing to its foot bed that’s supported by 4D chassis construction to provide optimal protection for the feet’s soles from a wide range of terrain. Some features that stand out in the 4D 2 GTX include:

Lightweight support

The Salomon Quest 4D2 comes with a remarkable design that makes it fit well around wide feet and ankles. This feature gives it an impressive support and stability while on the trail. The ankle inch measuring around 6 inches is tall enough to wrap the ankles completely.

With a midsole made of Advanced 4D chassis, this pair of boots deliver great lateral stability and less of stiffness particularly on the shank on the midsole. The upper part of the boot is designed using a combination of leather and synthetic materials with the aim of improving both durability and resistance of these boots from water, abrasion and others.

Waterproof ability

Apart from the fact that the Quest 4D 2 is built with a mix of leather and nylon, these boots come with a reinforced waterproof tongue and liner made from Gore-Tex which makes it very effective in wet conditions keeping the feet dry even in continuous rainfall.


A Contagrip outsole provides great traction along with solid lugs known to perform well in both rocky and wet muddy environment. Their well-spaced lugs provide an impressive grip on dry ground while easily shedding mud on wet muddy ground.


  • Great performance thanks to its lace Up system and perfect support
  • Lightweight making it good for speed and stability
  • Durable in harsh conditions


  • Thin underfoot feeling that can cause soreness over a long period.
  • Can be uncomfortably warm in hot weather.


Solomon’s Quest 4D2 is a mid-weight hiking boot due owing to its stiffness, ankle height, and the quality of its build-up. It is recommended for light hiking for both dry and wet conditions. This is because the shoes have excellent traction and comfort both for backpacking trips and technical trails.

2. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

If you’ve been looking for a pair of boots that will reduce soreness on your feet after hiking, consider the Timberland white ledge men’s waterproof. These boots are made of full-grain leather yet they fit perfectly in harsh environments.


To start with, you will love the padding around the ankle as it is thick enough and holds the upper tongue quite well. Secondly, its soft and flexible soles makes it one of the best for short light hikes. The soft double density EVA foam for an insole is great for comfort and will cushion your feet from after-hike soreness.


This happens to be an increasingly vital feature for hiking boots. These shoes are made of impregnated waterproof leather alongside an an internal waterproof lining with a breathable membrane that helps keep users feet dry in wet conditions.


These boots are surprisingly lightweight considering that they are made of full grain leather in other words, hides that have not been buffed or sanded. This happens to be very high quality leather and given a lightweight, you are guaranteed of comfort in addition to natural strength and durability integrated with breathability.


  • Best for hiking, outdoor working and mountaineering.
  • Dry thanks to their seam-sealed waterproof design.
  • Durable, lasting between five and ten years because they are made of premium full grain leather.


  • Too soft a sole for hiking rough terrain
  • Poor traction


Timberland White Ledge Men’s Boots is obviously a popular brand that is versatile and reliable for hiking. Furthermore, it comes with a high quality upper part made of full grain and waterproof leather. The fact that it is light and comfortable makes it useful for occasional hikes.However, consider a different set of boots if you are the rough terrain frequent hiker.

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet


3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

Like the Men’s version, the women’s version of the White Ledge Hiking boots by Timberland are also great, comfortable, all purpose boots with an excellent support to the arch. The boots are not only waterproof but also designed with full grained leather on the upper part.

Some outstanding features in these boots include:

Beauty and comfortable

The leather used to make the upper part of the boots is premium full-grain and waterproof. Apart from the functional role of keeping your feet completely dry, your wide feet get to enjoy the natural materials used to make these boots that are also soft and breathable.

They are soft and breathable meaning that  they will allow proper airflow in the inside ensuring that your feet remain dry irrespective of the environment. In addition, comfort is enhanced by the padded tongue, collar, and dual density EVA foam used in designing its removable midsole.


These boots are quite light which is a plus for any hiker. They also possess a unique combination of durability, sturdiness, and lightness. Apart from that they are designed to protect your feet from blisters or any other sort of injury. Other features here include the D- ring system and gusseted tongue that help to keep both the snow and dirt out of the shoes.


  • These are all- purpose boots hence great for all kinds of topography
  • Light and best at feet comfort
  • Provide great arch support and are waterproof


  • Only good for short hikes since they can make a user’s feet sore when used over long or frequent hiking.
  • Not very appealing aesthetically especially because they are intended to be used by ladies


If you are looking for toughness and the naturalness that comes from an all-leather design, then this is it. Comfort too was not overlooked in designing these boots. Overall, these boots will protect your feet quite well if you are ready to trade beauty.

4. Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX are high-end hiking boots popular for their comfort, unique design and waterproof ability.

These boots offer a combination of traction and stability and are perfect for both long day hiking and weekend backpacking trips. Here is what we found out about them.


To start with, the water repellent outer leather and the boot’s tongue offer the first defense against water and mud. With this defence, no more hassling to clean your boots along your trail. This makes the boots great for wet, chilly, and cold conditions. Again you can look forward to dry feet all through your adventure thanks to the ample insulation provided by Gore-Tex lining.

Speaking of functionality and comfort, the boot’s footbed are padded and integrated with moisture-wicking capability that helps in controlling the moisture around the feet to provide excellent shock protection in tough conditions. Ladies keen on fashion have the option of selecting from 12 different color options.

Grip and Stability

Nubuck leather on the upper part of the Renegade GTX will hold your wide feet firmly ultimately reducing strain on the toes. With the Vibram EVO finish on the outsole to provide maximum grip and traction, you will no longer have to worry much especially during descents.

Weight and Support

These boots are extremely light considering that they are wrapped on the outside with polyurethane which significantly reduces its weight. To maximize your feet support, these Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX boots are made of full-length nylon shanks.

If you are out to spend long hours on the trail, the shock absorbing midsoles will certainly keep your feet comfortable and prevent them from developing sores. Quite uniquely, these boots deliver a rigid flexible feeling which is what users look out for for a great foot support particularly with moderate and heavy loads.


  • Great stability thanks to their nubuck leather upper and monowrap midsole design
  • They can be customized to fit wide fit by its derby lacing.


  • It is a great choice for winter, spring and even fall, but can be a little uncomfortable during summer


The Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX boots make an excellent choice for the long-hours hikers looking for tough, sturdy yet comfortable boots. Their rigid flexible design are a great selling point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best choice between breathable insulated and Gore-Tex boots?

You may not have a choice since most hiking boots have inbuilt waterproof and breathable membranes. Gore-tex Insulation is also vital in keeping your feet warm since your feet can get damp due to perspiration.

2. Can I use my hiking shoes instead of the hiking boot?

While there is no correct answer here, the hiking boots are shoes designed for various terrains. If you are planning to climb rough mountainous trails in wet conditions, boots should be your option as they provide extra ankle support, resistance to abrasion and water, and tough soles.

3. How do I select the right hiking boots?

Some of the tips you can apply include:

  • Try shopping around in the afternoon when your feet are larger, to get the best fit.
  • Try out many pairs by different brands to get a comfortable pair of boots
  • Purchase boots recommended for your specific hiking terrain

4. What is the difference between mountaineering and winter hiking boots?

Mountaineering boots have rigid soles for higher traction, are heavier and not exactly comfortable compared to winter boots. In addition, their upper leather or synthetic material have less insulation. On the other hand, winter boots are lighter and have flexible soles hence very easy to walk in.


All the boots we have reviewed here are good for wide feet yet they have a varying range of performance and comfort. Consider durability and stability in addition, to get the best hiking boots for wide feet and the most suitable for your specific needs.

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