Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet | Reviews 2018

Finding the right ski boost for narrow feet is a bit of a struggle. This is especially true for women with skinny legs. You may find yourself in a fix with a small ski boot which stiffens your feet and keeps them from breathing.

Thanks to advancements in the field of skiing, now you can find the most comfortable boot which provides excellent performance. We are here to demystify the best ski boots for narrow feet.

Here you’ll find only models which surpass the requirements for a slim foot. We’ll look at the features which make each special so that your pick will be informed. This is not the place where you compromise. Your comfort is at stake, and we highly urge you to leave out fancy features and go with the boot that meets your every demand.

Features to Compare

Ski Boot for Narrow FeetForefoot Last
Flex Index 
Full Tilt Women’s Rumor Mondo Point Ski Boot99mm4 out of 10
Atomic Hawx Ultra 2017 Ski Boot98mm130
Technica Mach1 LV Women’s Ski Boot98mm105

Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet Reviews 2018

1. Full Tilt Women’s Rumor Mondo Point Ski Boot

It should come as no surprise that women fall in the category of persons with narrow feet. That’s why the Full Tilt Rumor is specially designed for a woman’s feet. Don’t let a ski boot bog you down just because it is for skiing.

If you have always had bad luck with ski boots, it’s best if you pick this design. This way, you’ll be ready to explore every inch of the snowy slopes. It is a high-performance boot which is lightweight thanks to the three-piece shell.


The Full Tilt Rumor has a forefoot of 99mm. This means it acknowledges only slim feet while leaving some room for the toes. It gives you the power and control since you have a soft landing.

With a flex rating of 4out of 10, it is quite responsive and therefore ideal for beginners. The stance is adequately achieved since it allows movement of the ankle and you can lean forward to acquire the posture for a fast paced downhill ski.


An easy to slip in tongue provides for fast on and off wear. It opens wide and long such that you’ll be able to slide the foot in without any blockages. It follows a women’s cuff which carries an infinite pivot.

This way, it moves according to the movement of the cuff preventing the shell from disfiguring and straining the ankle. It adds to the control you need when you want to improve your skiing style.

Insulation and Lockdown

The footbed liner is perhaps the most critical when it comes to providing you with constant warm. The Rumor boasts an air tight foam liner which preserves your body’s heat to keep you warm. This liner also provides the ability for the boot to mold to your foot moments after wearing.

Not to mention; it has nylon ratchet buckles which provide ample lockdown. You’ll like that it closes in a cable design to provide a flexible shift of the foot while evening out any impact you may encounter.


  • 3-piece shell is lighter than most ski boots on the market
  • Stance is adjustable up to 12mm
  • Moldable liner provides a custom fit
  • Rubber heel provides shock resistance
  • Pivoting tongue provides comfortable wear


  • Size changes according to the color
  • It does not have men’s sizes
  • Expert skiers will find it too flexible for maintaining control


If you are looking to grow your skiing skills to the top of the game, this is the boot to pick. The 3-piece construction is unique to this model to allow a customized fit. It provides the confidence for engaging in powerful rides, and the control to explore different terrain. Men with narrow fit may not feel comfortable in this boot since the calf is designed for women.

2. Atomic Hawx Ultra 2017 130 Ski Boot

Don’t cut short your skiing expeditions because of your ski boot. With the Atomic Hawx, you can be at it every day of the week, and your feet will thank you later. It comes in a narrow fit of a 98mm forefoot with a flex index of 130. It is quite stiff so must be an experienced skier if you are going to go with this boot.

Achieves a Custom Wear

The Atomic Faux comes with a memory fit 3D platinum liner. It molds to your foot immediately after wearing it since it responds to your foot’s heat and creates a personalized shape for the liner, cuff, and shell.

This does not take forever since you’ll notice it immediately you put on the boot.

The liner also combines Thinsulate material to ensure that your feet will remain warm throughout the time you are in the boot. Now you won’t mind spending hours in subzero temperatures since you’ll always have the strength to propel the ski.

Lightweight Design

The construction of this boot takes off some ounces which come in handy to lift off some of the strain. The shell is from polyurethane. It provides the support you need while remaining flexible for a fluid ride.

Along with it is the thermo-formable ankle and heel areas which spread out the pressure and eliminates strain. You’ll also love that it provides a 3-degree shell rotation so that you can guide and not let the boot hold you back.

Lockdown and Overall Support

With the exclusive cuff alignment styling, it provides a hold down of the cuff area. This prevents any awkward shift so that you can have total control. It boasts four 55mm aluminum buckles to secure the foot in place.

Seeing that it is stiff this type of lockdown is essential to be in sync with the flex rating. Not forgetting, it carries Cantable grip pads which can be adjusted to suit your ski board.


  • Flex rating is ideal for experts
  • Allows shell rotation
  • Lightweight to provide foot control
  • Customizable from every dimension
  • Adjustable grip pads


  • Available only in men’s sizes
  • Does not offer color choices
  • It is a bit pricey


Atomix Hawx is not new to the game. This is their latest design, and it incorporates the best features drawing from experienced manufacturers and skiers. The materials that make it amount to the best customizable ski boot so far. You cannot go wrong with this boot as the price is a real indication of what you are getting. Expect this boot to give you the best durability for many years to come.  It cannot, however, be personalized to fit people with wide feet.

3. Technica Mach1 LV 105 Women’s Ski Boot

You should be able to feel a sigh of relief when you get into Technica Mach1 LV Women’s Ski Boot. It made for the ladies who are not afraid to get into action and deliver their very best into the game. The high-performance boot is not only compact and lightweight, but it is also stiff enough for intermediate skiers.

Innovative Design

The Technica Mach1 prides itself on carrying the best customizable properties starting with CAS liner which is a component of microcell materials. This gives it the anatomical accuracy of the foot such that it molds to the shape of the foot.

This way, it achieves maximum comfort which translates to more warmth and better control. You’ll also fall for the CAS shell that has a low volume construction. It follows the shape of the interior dimensions moments after you wear it; hence eliminating ankle and heel strain.

Comfort Level

With a quick instep panel, this boot is easy to slip on. The tongue is flexible to open fully such that you’ll not be losing any of your time trying to get your foot to land safely on the footbed.

This boot comes with a stiff cuff to control the movement of the leg. You’ll feel safe and confident to venture into random terrains. This way, you’ll not only master the game but also provide a competitive nature to your style.


Four buckles give you the exact security you need for a power and excellent propulsion. The buckles are adjustable so that you can achieve just the right flex and pressure distribution throughout your ride. Better still, the buckles measure a whopping 35mm to secure your heel and ankle. It reduces fatigues and re-energizes you to enjoy the game to the fullest.


  • Reserved for expert ladies
  • Proper 105 flex provides a secure fit
  • CAS shell and liner are fully customizable
  • Flexible tongue for quick instep
  • Lightweight and responsive construction


  • It has an upscale price due to the innovative features
  • It is only in three women sizes
  • Four buckles seem a bit too much for some ladies’ liking


Skiing just got lively with the Technica Mach1. It boasts some of the most sought skiing properties for slim feet. It does not pinch the toes, and it is responsive to give a comfortable feel throughout the day. It is your best bet if you are going to spend days in ski resorts since it is also built to provide excellent walking capabilities. People with average sized feet will not feel the comfort of this boot since it runs small.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much is the forward lean adjustment?

Every boot on this least allows an adjustment of +/-3degrees. This means you can achieve the right posture for fast and powerful propulsion.

How are ski boots supposed to fit?

  • Ski boots should be worn with a single pair of socks to achieve the best flexibility and right fit.
  • To get your foot in, you should unbuckle all the straps and pull out the tongue entirely
  • Wear the boot from a seated position and allow your feet to settle.
  • Seat the tongue squarely on the top foot and start buckling from the top
  • Flex the foot by simulating some ski motions to help the liner conform to the foot.
  • You should be able to flex your foot without feeling like the boot is heavy on you
  • You can always ask a friend to watch you as you flex to determine if you are doing it right
  • If it feels heavy or your toes cannot stretch, it’s time to pick another pair

Summing Up

Your Alpine kit is incomplete without the right ski boot. If you are struggling to find the fit for your narrow feet, then you have our selection to choose from. You can say goodbye to an ill-fitting boot and say hello to comfort and complete relief with the ski boots we have covered here.

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