Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet | Reviews 2018

You don’t want to end up with crushed toes and squashed ankles after a day of skiing in the mountains. If your feet are wide, you may find it challenging to get the ideal ski boot that fits to size.

Wide feet are considered to have a forefoot that measures more than 100mm. Not many companies manufacture ski boot in these sizes. That’s why we want to round up ski boots for feet that are hard to fit.

Here, we let fashion and style slip by as we find you comfort for the lively outdoors. The best ski boots for wide feet has the correct flex for different levels of skiers.

If you are just starting out, you are generally into light skiing, so you’ll need a flexible boot. For the seasoned skiers, a stiff boot is a must have. A flex index of over 110 makes for a good stiff boot.

Best ski boots for wide feet – quick comparison

Ski Boots for Wide FeetFlex IndexForefoot Width 
Atomic Live Fit Men’s Ski Boot80102-106
Nordica Cruise 60 2017 Ski Boot60104
Salomon Quest Access Ski Boot 201780104mm

Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet Reviews 2017

1. Atomic 80 Live Fit Men’s Ski Boot

The wide fit category in ski boots is slowly gaining momentum, and the Atomic Live Fit seems to be top of the game. It comes with a flex index of 80, making ideal for intermediate and novice skiers.

It is built to help you perform while keeping you comfortable throughout your skiing trips. It acknowledges persons with medium to wide forefoot and leg size.  It is also ideal for those who have a high instep.


The Live Fit makes for persons with forefeet ranging from 102 to 106. This particular boot has a shell that adapts wide feet giving you a custom fit. It boasts two elastic zones which eliminate breaking in of the boot, and it instead conforms to the curves of the foot. The Atomic Asymmetrical Sports Liner is thermo-formable. This means it can be molded to the shape of the foot using heat.

Comfort Ability

With the Atomic Live Fit, the 80 rating gives you a casual flex so you can feel and be in control of the game. You’ll like that it comes with two oversized 35mm buckles instead of the usual three or four.

This way, the lockdown is secure to give you the power for a more responsive ride. Since the buckles have a construction from aluminum, they give you the tension you’ll need to stabilize the foot during a hike or downhill skiing.

Ski Ability

This ski boot is just the ideal pick for peak skiing performance. It achieves a truer stance thanks to the 1mm offset shell. This way, you can maintain a skiing posture such that you are safe from injuries.

It also gives you a 15-degree forward lean to help in speeding you up when you are up for some competitive quest. Not to mention; the boot’s sole carries standard grip pads to prevent any form of slippage on your ski board.


  • Best for beginners and intermediate skiers in downhill skiing
  • Rubber panels prevent transfer of cold from the outside to the interior of the boot
  • Two mega buckles enhance the lockdown in a secure fashion
  • Can accommodate different sizes of feet from 102-106mm
  • Carries replaceable heel and toe pads


  • Flex rate is not ideal for seasoned skiers
  • It comes in men sizes only
  • Matching your shoe size to the boot size can be a bit challenging since the chart provides numbers in the boot category only


The Action Live Fit is a serious ski boot for the serious skier. It carries unique features that eliminate challenges in finding a comfortable ski boot. From the adaptable shell, the mega buckles, rubber panels, liner, and flex, you are up to the best skiing time. It promises great stance plus stability and power to get you through competitive winter games. It’s not the best bet for persons with average calf sizes or medium to standard insteps since it will not fit correctly.

2. Nordica Cruise 60 2017 Ski Boot

Any skiing beginner will give a tale of mixed reactions when starting out in the skiing world. This is especially true for persons who begin this exciting expedition in their adulthood.

Instead of hopping from one boot fitter to the next, we urge you to with the Nordica Cruise 60. It is a legend in the world of skiing thanks to the great construction and innovative design.

Advance your Skiing Level

Even as a beginner, this ski boot gives you the chance to grow and become an envied skier of your time. With the application of the Natural Foot Stance technology, you’ll be able to achieve a natural landing which progressively improves your confidence on the ski.

This way, you can let go of your fears and embrace a rush of adrenalin. Not to mention; it, in turn, increases your efficiency all thanks to the position it leads you to take on the ski board.

Comfort Level

The Nordica 60 is true to achieving maximum shielding while providing your foot with a soft footbed. It comes with an exclusive Nordica PFP liner. It is replete with ample padding to insulate your feet and protect you from internal slippage.

This means you’ll always feel stabilized with three micro buckles and one that carries an aluminum shell. It provides a secure hold from the heel to the ankle and the calf so you can face off different terrain with confidence.


A 60 flex index is the most significant feature of this boot. It provides the proper forward lean and cuff stabilization. It accommodates those with medium insteps and a high calf volume such that it covers every inch of the foot which powers performance.

It is also intended for persons with a 104mm forefoot since it leaves up some space for the toes to spread. It is supportive to the arch and in turn, prevents strain and squashing of toes.


  • Affordably priced
  • Fits to size
  • Provides natural leaning posture
  • Lockdown is 100% secure
  • Line provides maximum insulation


  • Comes in one color
  • Not available in small sizes
  • It’s very soft making it a poor choice for expert skiers


The Nordica Cruise provides wearable ski boots for light skiers. The soft flex and natural foot stance provide propulsion for a powerful ride. It has a sturdy construction and an efficient lockdown for maximum foot security. It is the starters’ kit for those who want to learn the art and progress from one level to the next. Women, however, may not find their fit as it is in men’s sizes.

3. Salomon 80 Quest Access Ski Boot 2017

Are you a beginner or intermediate skier? Well, the Salomon Quest Access with an 80 flex is specially designed for you. It carries the exclusive ratchet cuff buckle which makes it possible to accommodate big and large cuffs.

It has a forefoot of 104mm to provide persons with wide feet a proper fit. This boot is a high-performance model which is intended to take you through all the skiing adventures.

Comfort and Support

Too often, people experience limitations in wearing ski boots that are uncomfortable to ski, let alone walk in. But that’s not the case with Salomon Quest. It has a switch on the back spine where you unlock it to give the boot walking ability.

This way, you’ll not struggle when you have to make it a long distance to the slopes. Along with the switch is the wool metal insulation which comes in handy to keep your feet toasty in subzero temperatures.

Ski Ability

A magnesium backbone engages the shell to eliminate flex. It works by powering your skis and exerting the level of control you need in fast paced downhill skiing. You’ll love that it has a 24mm pivot which links the cuff to the lower shell thus limiting foot shifting.

It eliminates slippage in what could be a disaster when you are engaging slippery surfaces. The ratchet buckle is also adjustable so you can customize the fit.

Special Features

This ski boot carries a 104mm forefoot to give an advantage to big feet. It is the best remedy for all-day skiing. With the custom-formable layer that has a location in the tongue; it takes just a short time to break in since it can be heated to accelerate this process.

Not forgetting, this boot comes with removable din pads for the toes and heel area. This aspect means when they wear out, you’ll just replace them and continue to use the boot as new. A smooth lining is also in place to facilitate an easy step into the boot.


  • Oversized 24mm pivot for the cuffs
  • Adjustable aluminum buckles
  • Fully insulated with wool and metallic polyester
  • It has a soft flex ideal for beginners
  • Thermo-formable moldable liner eases the break in period


  • Not perfect for narrow feet
  • Has an expensive price range
  • Flex is not adjustable


The Salomon Quest is not new to the world of skiing. This particular ski boot has been made for high performance, comfort, and safety. Novice skiers will find it most comfortable you hit the snow tracks. Persons with narrow feet will not love being in this boot.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long can you expect your ski boots to last?

By considering their construction and the numbers of days a year, you should be able to garner from 8 to 15 years of good use.

Should you get an exact size even when you have wide feet?

Yes, every ski boot designed to accommodate a wide foot has the advantage of being roomy. If you get a big size, your foot will tend to slip after complete lockdown. Always match your shoe size to the ski boot size before ordering for a pair.

Can you walk in your ski boots?

The Atomic Live Fit and Nordica Cruise cannot attain the walking capability, but the Salomon Quest is flexible enough to walk in.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right ski boot to match your skiing style and experience is no walk in the park. That’s why there are boot fitters everywhere you look. And when you have wide feet, it is even more of a challenge. The ski boots on our list come recommended for wide feet and more so for beginners. We hope you’ll find these designs excellent in meeting your ski boot demands. 

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