Best Snorkel Gear | Snorkeling Set Reviews in 2017

Snorkeling is a beautiful experience where you get to connect with nature’s most fascinating features. From swimming with colorful fish to meeting rare coral reefs, you get a special connection with the ocean. The best thing about snorkeling recreation is that you don’t need heavy equipment. With a snorkel, face mask and fins, you are good to beat the waves in the heart of the ocean.

The right snorkel gear makes all the difference in your snorkeling trip. The worst that could happen is a fogging or leaking mask and a mediocre snorkel which can lead to you swallowing gulps of salt water.

Luckily, we got you covered in your quest to find the best snorkel gear. We bring you complete sets of snorkeling gear since we find it an expensive affair when buying the pieces separately.

Hopefully, with our list, you can identify the best that will make your snorkeling adventures memorable and all worth it.

Hiking Boots for Plantar FasciitisMask DesignSnorkel DesignFin TypeMaterial of ConstructionRating 
Seavenger Junior and Adult Diving Snorkel SetSingle lens maskDry TopShort trek finsPremium Silicone3.8/5
Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Adult Mask Fin Snorkel SetTwo-window maskSemi-dry TopShort open heel finsPremium Silicone3.8/5
U.S Divers Snorkeling Set Diva WomenSingle lensDry TopShort blade finsPremium Silicone3.7/5
Cressi Palau Snorkeling Set with Mask, Fin, and Gear BagTwo-window MaskDry TopOpen-heel adjustable finsPremium Silicone4.3/5

Best Snorkel Gear Reviews

1. Seavenger Junior and Adult Diving Snorkel Set with Single Lens Mask, Dry Top Snorkel, Trek Fin

Get yourself ready for the snorkeling season with the Seavenger Snorkel Set. You can find it in either and adult or kid’s size, so the little one won’t be left behind. It also comes in many bright colors to get you in the mood for underwater ventures. From the single lens mask to the dry top and a pair of Trek fins, it is just the right fit.

Dry Snorkel Top

When you are headed out to water, you’ll want to depend on the snorkel you wear since it plays a significant role in your comfort and overall experience. With this snorkel, you can go into the deeper ends since it’s dry.

This is an advantage because it allows you to watch things closer than you would with a semi-dry snorkel. And, because it seals after going below the waterline, you’ll have next to zero chances of swallowing water.

What’s more, the snorkel is furnished with a purge valve which comes in handy when you want to spit out any mouthfuls. Better still, it uses an ortho-conscious mouthpiece which makes it possible to bite and secure the tabs without tiring the jaw. It is the most natural hold you’ll ever get with a snorkel, top made from prime hypoallergenic silicone.

Single Lens Mask

The Seavenger uses a one lens mask which comes with tempered glass. It makes it easy for you to view clear, crisp images, without fogging. You’ll also love that because of the teardrop shape; it can fit closer to the eyes such you can catch the details of life under the sea.

Trek Fin

Life gets better with the short fin which gives you fast propulsion without tiring your legs. You can swim further into the sea and even when a wave hits; you’ll be able to withstand its force and come out with your strength. The fin is very versatile since it can be of use for bodyboarding. If you love the splash, there’s no need to invest in different accessories when you have the Seavenger.


  • Snorkel is easy to wear and remove with the fast release holder
  • It packs in a convenient package
  • Fin Buckles retain the size you set
  • It uses a dry snorkel to prevent water entry
  • It comes with a plastic mesh bag for convenient carriage


  • The correct fin size can be hard to get
  • Seasoned snorkelers may find the fins a bit too short when they need fast swimming
  • It does not come with neoprene socks


The Seavenger is sure to bring the best out of your snorkeling adventures. It comes with the right combination of equipment, which eases your time. The dry snorkel is crucial to prevent water entry while the mouthpiece has a construction which prevents jaw fatigue. If you love being closer to fascinating sea life, then this is the way to go.

2. Phantom Aquatics Speed Sports Adult Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Do you want to relax under the water without any worry about your snorkel gear? Well, you should consider investing in the Phantom Aquatics Adult Set. It comes complete with a semi-dry top, snorkeling fin plus other great features. With this set, you are assured the time of your life as it is reliable and convenient.

Semi-dry Top

This top is just right to face off the rough waters. First, it is equipped with a splash guard which lets you swim through without gulping large mouthfuls of water. You’ll like the length of the tube since it makes it possible to exhale all the air just in time for breathing in.

The barrel is also flexible enough to give you a comfortable hold on the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece features high-grade silicone which provides a snug fit such that you can use it for a decent time under the water without a fatigued jaw.

Uses a Two-Window Mask

Achieve ultimate clarity with the tempered glass mask. It applies Interlocking frame technology which is sturdy for a secure fit. It’s pleasant that you can acquire a custom fit, thanks to the fit button which allow for easy adjustments.

Not forgetting, it uses a silicone head strap plus the skirt. The skirt has a double feathered edge to help acquire a snug fit. Overall, this mask offers the best features for maximum security.

Speed Sport Fins

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this set is the adjustable fins. They are short with an open heel design; hence giving a smooth ride in rough waters. It features a flexible foot pocket plus straps.

You’ll get just the correct fit for your size so that your motion is responsive while reserving most of your energy. What’s more, you’ll not need to use booties as they are slip-resistant.

Versatile Gear Bag

When it comes to storing your set together, Phantom Aquatic provides a secure mesh bag. It comes to play when you need to take you stuff along with other equipment like in boating, bodyboarding, surfing and the like. This way, you are more organized; saving yourself from losing articles.


  • Carries a removable mouthpiece
  • Barrel is comfortable for a comfortable fit
  • Two-lens mask gives a clear view with excellent clarity
  • Open heel fin provides fast and easy propulsion
  • Top is ideal for underwater adventures


  • It does not come with user instructions
  • Heel straps are not 100% anti-skid resistant
  • There are some challenges with the mask fogging which can be rectified by special cleaning in a dive/snorkel shop


Whether you are just starting out in snorkeling or you are looking to perfect your breathing technique when diving, this snorkel set proves to be very dependable. It features excellent pieces starting with the open heel fins to the two lens mask and a semi-dry top. You can start shallow to deep down the reefs and still get a glimpse of every exciting life of the ocean.

3. U.S Divers Snorkeling Set Diva Women

If you have not noticed already, most snorkeling sets use men sizes for the fitting. But that’s not the case with the U.S Divers Diva Women. It has a primary focus on ladies from the bright and lively colors they come in, to the soft fin pockets. It has alluring features so that you can feel safe when you are beginning snorkeling expeditions.

Short Blade Fins

The fins are designed with a narrow frame as opposed to what you’d see in a man’s size. They come with a soft landing pad which keeps them from chaffing your foot. Not to mention that because they are short, you can beat the current with great strength and power. You can count on the dual-composite buckles to provide a snug fit throughout your trip.

The fins come in three sizes ranging from the (½) smallest which can be of use for other water games. The subtle size allows for quick packing since it takes up little space. The (¾) medium size gives you the thrust and power you need in rough waters. The full size is long and perfect for underwater explorations. It is for the expert snorkelers who love the thrill of maximum thrust and snap.

Dry Top

With a construction from premium silicone materials, the dry top gives both a safe and comfortable experience. It utilizes pivot dry technology which is imperative in keeping it water-free above or below the waterline.

This top also carries an ergonomic mouthpiece to minimize fatigue on your jaw after extended hours of use. It also has a purge valve to remove water from the mouth plus it is fully flexible for that custom fit we all like.

Single Lens Mask

The mask is another admirable part of this ensemble as it uses hypoallergenic silicone for the face skirt. This means that anyone can use it. With the single lens, images become brighter and clearer while defining the background for a detailed view. It acquires a low profile. Hence it can fit closer to the pupils. And, you get to adjust it with 3-way pro-glide adjustment buckles for a pleasant wear.


  • Attains high propulsion with the short blade fins
  • It has beautiful feminine features including bright colors
  • Compact size allows easy travel
  • Comes with a submersible dry top
  • Uses hypoallergenic materials


  • The fins may be too soft such that they may slip when the buckles are not tight enough
  • It does not come with the neoprene socks
  • The mouthpiece is a bit small, so you’ll not be able to use it for long hours


U.S Divers offers one of the best snorkeling sets. It equips you with an excellent dry top which provides full ability to snorkel underwater. It also comes with a dependable mask which rarely fogs. The fins are in different sizes, so you get to go with your preference. What’s more, the whole entity comes at an attractive price.

4. Cressi Palau Snorkeling Set with Mask, Fin, and Gear Bag

Cressi provides us with this high-end snorkeling set which makes for great water recreation. The Cressi brand remains unrivaled in the water sports equipment, and this gear is no exception.

It combines technology and great aesthetics to bring you the best snorkel gear. With the two window mask, short fins and dry top, nothing stands between you and the best water sports.

Dry Snorkel

This top can block out water completely from above and below the water surface. This means you can exhale much easily without waiting for it to clear. It saves you from being out of breath; hence you won’t need a rest as you partake your incredible journey.

Not forgetting that it has a splash guard which adds to the protection against water entry. The mouthpiece is very user-friendly allowing for use longer since you don’t have to clench it tightly and uncomfortably.

Palau Short Fins

Designed for a comfy fit, the fins offer an open heel such that you can get just the correct size. You don’t have to go looking for snorkel socks or booties for them to stay up.

It carries a foot pocket which can accommodate up to four consecutive sizes. This is very convenient because you don’t have to invest in many snorkel fins. Instead, you can share across the family hence saving you some extra dollars.

Two-Window Mask

This lightweight mask has a construction from high-quality silicone. It acquires a close fit which seals completely against the entry of water. The skirt is from highly tempered glass to protect it from scratching and shattering upon impact.

It is, therefore, durable. You’ll like that it is adjustable and that the skirt adapts to the size and shape of the face. This aspect makes it ideal when you don’t want to adjust the mask in the middle of usage.


  • It has a purge valve makes it easy to clear water
  • It is lightweight for easy travel
  • Top closes automatically to prevent water entry
  • It has a construction from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Comes with open-heel fins to help in giving a secure fit


  • The sizing of the fins is a bit challenging to find
  • The straps may fit loosely
  • You may need to invest in neoprene socks to have a snug fit with the fins


Cressi Palau has great snorkeling accessories, well except for the few complaints with the fins. All in all, you get to work with a leak-proof top and mask which expands your view and keeps you underwater for longer than with regular snorkeling brands. The adjustable fins are not exactly a bad thing since when you find the correct size; they’ll fit much like a glove.


When pursuing your favorite hobby, it’s always best to be equipped with the best gadgets. In our best snorkeling gear review, we cover only the sets that matter when saving air.

These brands showcase important accessories which include the best snorkels, masks, fins and even carriage bags. Hopefully, you can find this guide helpful as you find the best snorkel gear to give you the most satisfying experience.

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