5 BEST Snowboard Helmets 2017/2018 Reviews

Wearing protective clothing for many snowboarders gives them the advantage of being safer in extreme environments. Although there are culminating debates on whether the helmet is useful or not; those that favor this piece of equipment always win.

And we can see why it’s important in snowboarding.  In fact, most snowboarding resorts require that every member wears a helmet.

You’ll have a huge selection of snowboarding helmets. They have developed to be extremely comfortable with vents to keep your head at the correct temperature. That is, you’ll not feel too warm or too cold. The ear pads keep you relaxed plus they are removable for the times it gets too hot.

You can be at a loss, trying to figure out which snowboard works for you. But you don’t have to go through all the designs in a quest of trial and error. Our helmets have features specific to snowboarding. You’ll find them extremely protective and also aligned to help you enjoy your favorite sport.

Comparing the best snowboard helmets

VentsEarmuffsImpact QualitiesRating 
Lucky Bums Multi-Sport HelmetABS and EPS shell12 vents with mesh fabricNot removableTwo protective layers, padded chin strap4.3/5
Traverse Vigilis Convertible Ski/Snowboard Helmet with Mini VisorPlush Fleece, netted cap, ABS Exterior14ventsRemovableFoam Inserts and EPS liner4.2/5
Giro Surface Snow HelmetABS Plastic6 vents with cool mesh coversNot removableEPS Foam Liner4.2/5
ZIONOR Lagopus Snowboard H1 HelmetABS Plastic Shell10 ventsRemovableEPS Material and thick inside padding4.5/5
SUNVP Professional Outdoors Snowboard Sports HelmetABS Plastic Shell10 ventsDetachable Ear CottonDuPont Impact-resistant (EPS) materials3.9/5

Best Snowboard Helmets 2017 Reviewed

1. Lucky Bums Multi-Sport Helmet

For you that love being stylish even with your recreation gear, the Lucky Bums helmet is sure to cut it. The design is incredible from the many available colors, durable construction, and excellent fitting.

This helmet comes with two protective layers to ensure you have ample protection throughout your race. The two layers include an ABS material and an EPS outer shell.

ABS is responsible for the strength and the durability that this helmet exudes. It resists temperature changes in freezing environments. This way, you can expect it to last in good condition for a long time.

It also offers resilience against chemicals and other corrosive materials that it could encounter. It makes for an excellent accompaniment in whichever environment you’ll be visiting.

The interior has its share of ESP material. It comes with an airy fabric which keeps your head at the right temperature. You’ll always feel comfortable since along with the inner mesh is a padded chin strap.

The chin strap is also adjustable, and as such, you’ll acquire a perfect fit. Not forgetting, it comes with a goggle loop which enhances the functionality of the helmet.

When it comes to the sizing, you’ll have four choices to pick. The Lucky Bums guideline is quite straightforward. Ideally, you won’t be dealing with the wrong fit. Better still, it incorporates all the safety standards. You’ll find that it uses MIPS technology which reduces rotational forces during impact.


  • Hard shell construction for maximum protection
  • Ample vents aids in ventilation and breathability
  • Removable ear pads
  • Comes in four sizes


  • The caps work with small-sized goggles
  • The logo takes a big space on the helmet much to some people’s liking
  • It has a really low profile that the front can easily come close to the eyes if you are not wearing goggles


The Lucky Bums helmet packs the best features to ensure you really enjoy the snowboarding sport. From the ABS and EPS construction, many vents, soft inner padding, and mesh screens, you’ll be able to experience extreme environments in absolute safety. This helmet is made specifically for winter activities, so you’ll find it a bit warm if you use it in summer since the ear pads are not removable.

2. Traverse Vigilis Convertible Ski/Snowboard Helmet with Mini Visor

Whether you want to be out skiing or snowboarding, this helmet can handle it all. The Traverse Vigilis is an outstanding piece thanks to the two layers that it incorporates to the construction.

It comes with two distinct inner pads which act as protective elements for the head. With the fleece netted cap, it is sure to give you the perfect working temperature which will work for you as you engage in fast paced sports like freestyle snowboarding.

The fit is customizable as it has an adjustable dial which goes around the head. This way, you’ll be able to wear it just the way you love it. The dial helps to stabilize the helmet such that it won’t fall off when you are making tight turns and spins.

The chin strap can also be adjusted to ensure that it does not shift or that it is not too tight to dig into your skin. You’ll love having this helmet for a full day as it does not compromise on crucial features.

Speaking of crucial elements, you get to wear your gear with fourteen vents. It is very adaptable to the environment you are in. Even when it’s freezing; riding fast can raise the temperature in the helmet pretty quickly.

That’s why with the breathable vents airflow is sufficient to keep your head warm but not hot. Not forgetting, it wicks away sweat such that you’ll stay dry on long rides.

When it comes to maintaining your safety, the Traverse Vigilis has passed all tests. You can rest easy when you wear it even when venturing on the hard packed ice. The 2-in-1 design sees that you can also transform it into a skating helmet, such that you won’t be investing in two gears for snow activities.


  • Lightweight to enhance comfort on the head
  • 14vents ensure breathability
  • Convertible to a skating and skiing helmet
  • All straps are cushioned to prevent the material eating into the skin


  • The small sizes do not accommodate petite adult heads
  • The colors are in dark shades
  • It has many dials when looking to achieve a personalized fit


Wondering how you can get one helmet to work for all winter sports? Then consider looking at the Traverse helmet. It is customizable to accommodate you head in a low profile. Engage in both winter and summer sports like cycling since the ear pads are removable. This helmet is versatile, durable, and reliable. It even includes a zipper pocket where you can put headphones. It is, however, considered a large size which may spur a bit of trouble for those with small heads.

3. Giro Surface Snow Helmet 

Are you looking for a versatile snow helmet? Well, look no further because the Giro Surface is here to fulfill your need. It is lightweight with a low profile to protect your head, ears, and to give the most comfortable fit.

You’ll go from cruising the slopes and sliding the rails with absolute confidence. To say the least, this helmet is all-around, and a must have as you take your trip to the best snowboarding resorts.

Most importantly, the Giro Surface embraces a high-impact shell. It is injection molded such that it takes the shape of your head from every angle. It comes with an expanded polystyrene liner which offers a wide viewing experience.

The material also provides the helmet with durability properties. With the adjustable interior pads, you can customize it to accommodate goggle straps.

A personalized fit cannot go unnoticed since it includes a sub-liner which is crucial in giving the head a soft landing. It favors an internal height adjustment system to accommodate people of various head shapes and sizes.

Together with a flexible chin pad, this helmet ensures you can turn the head, and it does not dig into your skin. You’ll love the plush feeling it gives you to spiral you into a happy and fun time.

Breathability is also a top priority here. It comes with six vents on the back, top of the head and the front. The vents are covered with a mesh material to allow constant airflow.

The mesh makes for a wicking compartment which helps in keeping you dry. You can wear your helmet over varied temperatures since it can regulate your body heat.


  • Meets snow helmet safety standards
  • Built with durable materials both on the inside and outside
  • Extremely padded to provide comfort in all dimensions
  • Breathable in hot weather while keeping you warm in freezing conditions


  • The sizing is oriented towards men
  • It  has the smallest number of vents
  • Some users indicate that the aeration holes make a whistling sound when moving fast on downhill paths


Picking the Giro Surface means you choose convenience and unsurpassed safety. You can depend on this helmet to take you through tough winters on hard, packed ice. The outer shell is resistant to cracking plush the insides are plush and comfy. If you are looking to take snowboarding to high heights, then you must be in the Giro. For the ladies in the house, you’ll be a bit disappointed since even with the great features, the sizing favors men.

4. ZIONOR Lagopus Snowboard H1 Helmet

The ZIONOR Lagopus snowboard helmet is a high standard piece of head protection. It is your go to when looking to get the ultimate recreation experience since it incredible features.

From the padding to the injection mold design, you have every reason to choose this helmet. It benefits from EPS and PC material construction. These elements are key in providing resilience against the outdoor elements.

The helmet is impact and shatter resistant such that in case you hit your head, you’ll not suffer any injuries. Instead, the interior foam provides that it absorbs shock and keeps your neck stable.

You’ll be able to wear it fast enough thanks to the multiple spots which offer a convenient dial in. It is also equipped with firm earmuffs to ensure even your ears enjoy being in the helmet. It comes with an adjustable chin strap plus the ear pads are removable.

For those that are keen on a polished appeal, this helmet is just the right bet. It is intended for ladies and persons who love a splash of color. You’ll get to choose your style as you pick from five palettes.

The interior crash proof technology sees that it passes safety standards with incredible reliability. What’s more, it is dense from every dimension meaning you can take it on a wide variety of activities.

This helmet also has the advantage of embracing full breathability. It carries nicely shaped vents which are lined with mesh and airy fabric. It takes you through fast paced freerides to the freezing countryside with extreme agility.

For your goggles, you’ll be pleased to work with an explicit loop designed specifically to fit them. All in all, this is a sturdy helmet carrying all the unique features which make it a great pick.


  • Excels in providing solid and reliable protection
  • Easy to wear and remove with a simple dial in design
  • It has a construction from high-end materials which are both crash and impact proof
  • It has a size regulator to ensure it fits perfectly


  • It does not include an audio liner where you can put earphones
  • Some side vents produce a whistling sound at high speeds
  • Some older versions had a flimsy goggle strap so you should be on the look out before making a purchase


We love what the ZIONOR design has in store for you. This helmet is styled to be robust and capable of withstanding the elements from every corner. The outer shell is shatter resistant, and the interiors boast heavy padding for your head.

It’s easy to wear and remove thanks to a simple dial-in system. You don’t have to hold back with your board. Go all out and have some real fun with the ZIONOR. Only, for those who love enjoying some music along the trails, you’ll want to look at the Traverse Vigilis. The ZIONOR does not have room for headphones.

5. SUNVP Professional Outdoors Snowboard Sports Helmet

The SUNVP helmet exudes quality every way you look at it. It enjoys a one piece construction meaning parts are not put together to decrease its durability. The helmet has PVC and EPS molded into it to ensure it is strong amidst harsh conditions.

It is impact resistant seeing that it absorbs shock from the outside and inside in equal proportions. You can depend on this helmet to keep you safe as it lets you explore all possibilities of the snowboarding sport.

Wearing it is a breeze as it is also furnished with a unified regulator. It lets you keep the helmet close to the head no matter the size and shape of your head. Along with the superior quality materials that make it is padding which increases the comfort.

You’ll get to work with a high-quality chin pad which is not only adjustable, but it is also lined with foam for a polished fit.

The earmuffs are a unique entity of this helmet. They are from cotton and removable such that you can wash them. This way you’ll not spend time with a stuffy helmet the next time you wear it.

The chin pad is highly absorbent, and it does not retain odor. It is wearable over a couple of times without causing you discomfort. Not forgetting the numerous vents that line up all around the shell come in handy to keep your head at the right temperatures.

Our favorite feature must be the cap with jack. It ensures that the helmet does not break on the first impact. It does not replacing after you hit on something right away.

This is the reliability which gives you value for hard earned money. Investing in this helmet is a good choice knowing that you can depend on it on various other activities.

These include skating, skiing, and even cycling. The versatility of this equipment even extends to being a unisex size.


  • One-piece design ensures longevity
  • Heavily padded for impact absorption
  • It has many vents to keep you comfortable over long rides
  • Detachable and washable earmuffs


  • It does not include headphones
  • Most sizes are small and can’t fit adult heads
  • It is specially designed to be a winter helmet because of the dense interior padding which acts as insulators to add warmth


Snowboard helmets can be hard to pick, but when you choose the SUNVP, you are in for a real ride. It lets you go off the fears or trying new things since it assures of your safety 100%. The ABS housing is synonymous with resisting impact from the outside. Along with the ABS is an EPS inner layer to regulate the temperature plus provide a soft space for your head. It is resistant to severe impact, and it’s soft, comfortable and dense. The size for adults comes off as a bit small even for the biggest helmets. We feel SUNVP can do a better job.

Best Snowboard Helmets: Buyers Guide

Importance of a Snowboard Helmet

The value of including a helmet in your snowboarding gear might seem pretty obvious. But some of us are a bit hesitant to wear one. That’s why we need some reminding about these incredible pieces.

Reduces the risk of Injury When riding at fast speeds, most likely that you’ll hit your head at the same speed you are riding. Ice is as hard as rock, and the chances of cracking your skull are high without a helmet. But with one, your chances of getting out of there unscathed rise tremendously.

Keeps your head warm Ideally, you’ll be riding in freezing conditions. To stay aware of your environment, you’ll need a clear head which is more likely to happen if the head is warm. Using a helmet keeps the wind out and in turn, saves you from the itching cold.

Goggles give a clear view of the path ahead When snowboarding, you’ll like be throwing snow all over as you ride. With the goggles, you’ll be able to stay clear of any obstructions. Another plus must be that if you are riding against the sun, you’ll not strain to look ahead as the goggles will help ease the strength of the sun’s rays.

Features to look for in an Excellent Snowboarding Helmet

Knowing what to look for makes all the difference when acquiring the ideal snowboard helmet.


Your helmet should stay on, even when moving at fast speeds. Most helmets are shaped to improve stability. It would be unfortunate to give up your helmet because it can’t stay on. It’s always important that you follow the size guideline by your manufacturer. This way, you’ll not have to deal with returns.

Design and Protective Features

Here, look at the foam and vents. Foam is crucial in absorbing impact if you hit your head, while vents keep you airy. The essence here is to strike a balance between the foam and the vents. You can always opt for adjustable vents to regulate the temperature.

Removable Ear pads

Ear pads keep you warm. But they could get you too hot for comfort. It’s always good to pick the helmets with removable pads so that you get to choose between keeping them and removing them.

Adjustable Clips

To get the right fit, you’ll want the chin strap to feel comfy. The ability to adjust them will make it easy for the helmet to stay put on your head. Also, they should be adjustable even when you have on gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you change a helmet?

Assuming you have not crashed the helmet, it should have aged well in three years. Helmets are from polymer which disintegrates with use. There are many conditions which contribute to the natural aging of the product including heat, temperature, and the sun. When you take care of it properly, they can last up to 8years.

How should you best maintain and store a snowboard helmet?

Every manufacturer has the same instructions for taking care of the helmet.

  • Wipe the product with a soft, damp cloth after use
  • Avoid submerging it in water
  • Do not store it when wet; air dry it after wiping
  • Do not expose it to extremely hot temperatures or corrosive agents like petroleum-based solvents
  • Store it away from direct sunlight
  • Remember to take it from your car
  • Avoid contact with sharp-edged objects
  • Never leave your helmet outside

Wrapping Up

We cannot underestimate the significance of a high-quality helmet. The designs on this list are proof that you cannot skimp on getting one.

It’s important that you choose wisely as it will save you from getting a concussion and spending some time in the ER. We have presented the best of the best where we believe you can’t go wrong when you pick one of them. And remember; do not make any compromises.  

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