Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold – Reviews in 2018

If winter means storms and blizzards to you, it should come as no brainer on how to keep warm. As the air turns crisp and chilly, most of us choose to hibernate in thick woolen sweaters, socks, hoods, and blankets. After layering your outfits, the outer shell makes all the difference in keeping the heat in and making you feel comfortable amid the chilling weather.

For you, we have chosen the best winter coats for extreme cold that will help you beat the frigid weather. You can face the outdoors with any of the coats in this list. These are the best rated for wind proofing, insulation, high-quality fabrics and most of all, very affordable.

Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold: 4 Reviews

Caterpillar Men’s Parka Heavy Insulated

If you are looking for supreme warmth, then the Caterpillar Men’s Parka Heavy Insulated Jacket suit you best. It boasts a water-resistant polyester shell which also acts as a windbreaker in snow storms. The jacket protects you from the biting cold if you must face the outdoors. It covers your torso to the fullest covering to below your waistline such that it surrounds you entirely.

Complete Sealing

This jacket excels at keeping snow and water droplets out. It has internal seams meaning the jacket seals altogether. This way, you’ll not encounter wet shoulders from the entry of water. You’ll also like that it has Polyester Taffeta Lining which is soft and hypoallergenic at the same time. It is also quilted so you should expect it to feel warm and breathable. This is as comfortable as it gets since you can say goodbye to feeling stuffy in your clothes.

When it comes to the draw cords, they are conveniently fashioned to provide quick adjustments with one hand. The cord also locks at the sides to ensure you are not exposed to the cold from any point.

It comes with two-way front zips that come in handy to keep the interior pockets from getting wet. You’ll also benefit immensely from the double storm flaps which work like a winter turtleneck. To top it off, you’ll be able to lock the heat using the final snap closure system.


This jacket is a total save when you want to carry your phone in rainy conditions. Seeing that it is water resistant, it also has a fleece lining in the inner pockets. It comes with a zip off hood which is also has a fleece construction. Not to mention, it has adjustable storm cuffs under the coat main cuffs. No warmth escapes even from your wrists. If you have no time to work up a sweat as you work, you can count on this jacket to keep you safe.


  • Water and wind resistant
  • All the pockets are zippered
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Heavyweight hence made for extreme winter
  • It has reflective webbing to help others see you in poorly-lit surroundings


  • It is in three colors only
  • It is not completely waterproofed after many washes


This jacket is essential gear for the cold weather. It is comfortable, warm and breathable. The fabric is soft and heavy duty for complete winter protection. You should not, however, expect it to do better in the wind compared to the Boulder’s Expedition Parka.

Boulder Big & Tall Creek Men’s Expedition Parka

This is a serious jacket to stand up to the howling winds. The Boulder Creek Men’s Expedition Parka is a classic to extreme winter weather. It has a polyester construction which is superior in retaining warmth thanks to the excellent quality.

If you value a casual look, it comes in a slim fit such that you can wear when you are in the winter party mood. This jacket draws from the stylish bunch which is not bulky hence you can wear it indoors as could when commuting for work.

Ideal Qualities for Dreary Weather

This coat stands as the pinnacle of the elements. Talk of the snow, winds and chilling temperatures. It enjoys complete weather proofing since the shell is water resistant. You’ll like venturing into adventurous winter weather activities like hiking, skiing, and mountaineering without the worry of hypothermia. You can layer in a few inner clothes and still feel cozy. The polyester quilted lining ensures it remains breathable.

It benefits from a front zipper that comes together with snap closures. You’ll like that it has double storm flaps which help keep the hood together in the wind. It has two layers making it the best for beating the weather. It can trap in most of the warm air helping to keep your body’s temperature at optimum. It offers a good range of movement for both play and work.

Consistent Usage

This jacket comes with cuffs that stretch according to your wrist’s size. Interestingly, it can maintain this size for the next time you are going to be wearing since it does not stretch. It is a durable coat seeing that it handles multiple purposes in the same good condition. You’ll fall for the sizing since it is cut to the length you want and it fits the size you indicate before the purchase.


  • Microfiber lining keeps it breathable and wind resistant
  • It is machine washable
  • Flexible cuffs provide extra comfort
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It does not have a variety of colors to choose
  • It has a one-way zipper
  • The liner is not removable


This jacket is built for the outdoor expeditions. You’ll feel warm with each drop in temperature. The shell plus lining offer a great combination of quality and value as the best winter jacket for extreme cold. It does not work for formal wear, unlike the Caterpillar Men’s Heavy Duty Insulated Jacket.

Valuker Down Coat Women’s Parka Puffer Jacket

Experiencing winter does not mean losing some taste in your style. With the Valuker Down Coat, you can keep warm and still look fashionable. This jacket has a reputation for the unique design which embraces your silhouette. It ends just above the knees, so you’ll feel warm from the inner clothes to the outside. So whether you have to work in a blizzard or just taking a walk, you’ll not feel stuck in the storm.

Weatherproofing Qualities

Thanks to the down insulation, you can safely venture in the coldest grounds. It has 90% down filling giving it high fill power and the fact that it remains light. You can carry on with your everyday duties as it weighs only 2.6 pounds. The coat works for you just the way you like it. Even better, it is wind and water resistant from every dimension.

The seals are well-knit from the inside, and it has a two-zipper system. You’ll like it better because, with the fur hood trim, you’ll keep your face from any wind. The faux fur quality is exceptional as it can retain most of the heat for your face. You don’t have to catch a cold just because it’s winter.

Reliable Performance

Thanks to the deep front pockets, you can carry an extra set of gloves. They come with a metallic button which locks and keeps it completely closed from the water.  The hood is also removable for transporting or just adding some versatility to the way you wear this jacket. The good thing is that if fits well even after you have a few layers beneath the coat. You can as well drive or run in this jacket.


  • High-quality fabric makes its outer shell
  • It is in a stylish winter design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High down filling makes it extra warm


  • The pinched waist may be too tight for some people
  • It does not run as a full sized winter jacket


If you are going to wear this jacket through the worst winter, you’ll be thankful you chose it. It has serious insulation, affordable and stylish. It is however not a year-round jacket since it is not entirely breathable. The lining is not removable; hence it is made for the frigid temperatures.

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Canada Goose Kensington Parka Women’s Coat

As a perennial favorite for the winter extremities, the Canada Goose Kensington Coat is a must have. It is warm and comfortable with the synonymous fur lined hood. It is a blend of materials which comprises of polyester, cotton and nylon lining. You’ll like the protection it provides in the coldest winter months.

Key Features

This is not the coat that uses faux fur. Genuine coyote fur makes the hood lining ensuring your face does not come into contact with snow. It is influential in providing the insulation you need to provide equal warmth in all parts of the body.

Looking at the shell, the jacket boasts both water and wind resistance. It has a zipper and cord& lock closure system. You’ll be able to lock securely against the elements. Thus, it is the best winter jacket for extreme cold.

With 625 fill power, it is the ideal when you want to be outdoors in the biting cold. Even better the knee length ensures your bum does not feel cold when you sit on a bench. It is fashioned with snap panels to make it flexible when you sit.

You’ll feel cozy and still retain movement when you want to continue work amidst blizzards. The cuffs are another important aspect. They are hidden in outer flaps to keep your hands warm. You’ll like that they conform to the size of your wrists.

Flexible Usage

The coyote fur is removable such that you don’t have to wear it unless the snow sinks deep and the temperatures plummet further.

The Canada Goose Kensington is flattering with its many colors. It embodies a luxurious style when you don’t have to be dull in gloomy weather. Choose a color that goes with your tastes, and you can enjoy winter like a passing storm.


  • It can handle extreme temperature drop to -250
  • It does not strength after many uses
  • Suitable for windy and wet conditions
  • Collapses to a small size for easy carriage
  • It has many large pockets


  • Some sizes run small
  • It comes off as heavy for small sizes
  • It’s quite pricey, but considering the service you’ll be happy with your purchase


Intended for subzero temperatures, this jacket makes it easy to fight the weather in style. It explores proper sewing with the capacity to lock in as much warmth as it can. It is best for the Arctic as it is extremely insulated. You may not, however, fall for the price on this one like the Valuka Down Coat.


Is the Jacket Completely Waterproof?

The jackets here are entirely waterproof well except for the Caterpillar. It is water resistant, but you cannot be in the rain for hours and come out without some moisture in your shoulders.

Are the cuffs ribbed?

Yes, each jacket has ribbed cuffs which fit snugly to the wrists. They are well hidden to trap warmth and also help you acquire a comfortable fitting when wearing gloves.

Does the Jacket Stretch with Wear?

Seeing that these coats have a construction from polyester and down, they can retain their form through many uses. Unlike any jacket which is of leather, you’ll not experience any stretching even after washing.


The above jackets cover the best winter coats for extreme winter weather. We hope you can make the best choice as you make it through the long winter months.

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