Best Winter Jacket Brands 2018 Reviews

Do you love the outdoors or just like staying warm in the heart of winter? Well, either way, we know you’d like to be in the best snow jacket. For years now companies have designed winter apparel. The most convenient products are clothes fashioned with materials that preserve your body heat as well as regulating your body’s temperature.

We have lined up the best winter jacket brands which are perfect for the worst climates. If you are an everyday commuter or a skier, these coats are the most outstanding. Hopefully, this list will guide you in picking the next winter jacket.

Table with Comparable Features

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Best Winter Jacket Brands in 2017

1. Caterpillar Brand

You have probably heard the Caterpillar Brand before. This is a company that has secured their name on the Industry innovative charts. This American Corporation has a history in industrial equipment having started in the year 1925.

They sell a range of machinery, Finance and Insurance services, and gifts and apparel. With a dedication to bringing the best products to their users, this company has a drive for superior quality.

We can say the CAT brand has refined their art in whichever product they choose to manufacture. In their apparels lines, we can’t fail to notice their most notable winter jacket. It is designed for the worst of winter from the best materials that make this parka warmer and comfortable than the rest of them.

Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka Men’s

If your area receives the worst of winter months, there’s no way to not owning a winter jacket. What better way to invest in one than in the Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka. This is a jacket with you the user in mind.

It keeps you protected from the outdoor extremities so that you are safe from the occurrence of hypothermia and other complications. Its outer shell makes it unique since it also has reflectors which let others see you in the dark of winter days.

Key Features

First, this jacket is completely weather proofed. It is not only water resistant, but it also shields you from the wind. It comes with a zip off hood which has an interior construction from fleece.

This fabric is known to be soft so you can expect that it will feel cozy for the longest time you’ll be wearing it. It also comes with draw cords which help secure the inner microfleece flap plus an external storm flap.

Special Construction

It’s pleasing to see that this jacket comes with double zippers which protect the interior pockets. These pockets are deep enough such that if you want to put your phone and gloves, they’ll not feel all bulky from the inside. Another important aspect is that this parka has two layers of cuffs.

One is in the interior of the wrists where they conform to the wrists to give a snug feeling even when you have on snow gloves. The exterior is the water-resistant cuffs which overlap the storm cuffs to keep out any flakes and water droplets.

Lightweight Design

When it comes to working in frigid conditions, you’ll want to feel warm without carrying the extra bulk of a winter coat.  This is what the CAT Parka is all about.

It utilizes quilted polyester for the interior lining which also comes in handy to eliminate some of the bulk. The outer boasts 100% polyester which is much like wool. It is not only responsible for keeping you warm, but it also helps regulate your body temperature.


  • All pockets are lined with fleece
  • It’s affordable
  • It can be of use in low-lit conditions
  • The hood is removable


  • It is not 100% waterproofed to be of use underwater
  • Isolated complaints about wrong sizing
  • It loses some of the warmth after many washes


If you want an ideal winter jacket but you are on a budget this is the jacket for you. It comes with all the necessary properties that make it a must-have for the winter weather. CAT is a reliable brand and as such the quality is unbeatable. From the sturdy materials to the right bulk, you’ll want to invest in this parka.

2. Canada Goose Brand

With love for expeditions and business, Sam Tick immigrated to Toronto, Canada to start the MetroSports Wear Ltd. specializing in raincoats, woolen vests, and snowmobile suits.

But this was just the stepping stone to what would become the World’s most renowned winter clothes brand. The Canada Goose Brand as it is now known has inspiration from the coldest place on the planet.

Therefore, they know what it takes to make the warmest jacket. They continue to design prestigious jackets which boast lightweight weight properties while remaining warm for winter adventures.

Backed by the finest natural materials and innovative minds, they bring us their Antarctica inspired parkas. The Kensington Women’s Parka Coat caught the eye for the most remarkable features. It uses real coyote fur and other premium materials to make it the wearable amidst blowing snow and blizzards.

Canada Goose Kensington Women’s Parka Coat

Being stylish in the cold is a bit tricky. But you don’t have to lose your style when the air is all crisp. The Canada Goose Kensington Women’s Parka is a beautiful coat for the cold season.

It is fashioned in a slim fit to flatter every shape and size. This jacket surrounds you fully, and since it is insulated, you’ll feel warm without any unnecessary bulk.

Made for the Extremities

This long-thigh winter jacket is structured with Canada Goose unique wool and cotton to provide protection in sub-zero temperatures. The length goes over your butt such that when you sit on a cold bench, you’ll be as comfortable as ever.

It comes with two back vents to regulate your body’s heat when it gets hot. You’ll want to feel snug in the weather but not stuffy in your clothes.

Wind Resistant

The Kensington comes with a fleece-lined hood. This feature plus the removable fur ruff makes it windproof. You’ll love that the hood closes neatly with a drawcord to keep out snow.

Even better, it carries a heavy-duty zipper along with military style buttons. This closure system is not only cute, but it provides the optimum security when the wind howls and sends fluffy snow. And, thanks to the water-resistant shell, you’ll never


When it comes to the many possibilities of using this coat, you’ll want to look at the many pockets. As it has a unique construction for the extreme outdoor elements, this parka is adorned with all fleece pockets.

You can take long walks in hand warmer pockets since you can opt out of gloves. It extends your outdoor endeavors because you don’t even have to carry a purse because with the lower pockets you can store some extra stuff like your phone or wallet.


  • It has adjustable cuffs
  • Uses natural coyote fur for the hood ruff
  • It is easy to carry like a backpack
  • Styled to fit contemporary fashion


  • The hood is not removable
  • Some users don’t like the long length


Canada Goose is an exceptional brand. It is a favorite for the worst climates. It is the best choice for the woman who loves to stay fashionable even in the frigid winter conditions.

The materials are a remedy for maximum protection whether you are spending time outside or chilling in the house. The Canada Goose is, therefore, the best winter jacket brand.

3. The Woolrich Brand

Outdoor wear has John Rich and Daniel McCormick to thank. The modern world has come to associate the Woolrich brand with the most exceptional pieces for outside activities.

With a foundation in fabric manufacture for loggers, hunters, and trappers, this company operates the oldest running woolen mill in the USA. They are the pioneers of cold-busting parkas and woolen socks.

Their most incredible piece must be the Men’s Arctic Parka. It is a tough jacket which is flexible and lightweight. The materials that make it are resilient to withstand adversities of the freezing weather. It is ideal for climbers and lovers of winter games thus; Woolrich is the best winter jacket brand.

Woolrich Arctic Parka Men’s

You’ll want this jacket to grace your body this winter. It has all soft and hypoallergenic materials for maximum comfort.

It combines cotton and Nylon Ramar to make the shell and lining of the jacket. What’s more, this parka has duck down and duck feathers in the dual layers which make it the warmest jacket for the winter.

Water Resistance, Sizing, and Fit

If you are venturing in wet surroundings, this jacket will keep you dry. It has durable, splash resistant Teflon which acts as a barrier against moisture. You can count on it for the next trip to the Alpines or better still when you are taking evening walks.

This jacket has a classic fit, ending just below the butt. It runs true to size for most people such that you’ll not have to reorder or make any additional adjustments.


This parka is very versatile thanks to the large pockets which boast sufficient space. They are zippered to prevent entry of water and to protect the articles you could store. Not to mention that it secures at the front using a zipper and button closure.

Again, it comes with a hood which carries a throat latch. This way, it becomes entirely insulated. Also, the hood comes with a removable ruff with a construction from natural coyote fur. This means it is wind proofed as it surrounds your face and blocks away from the chilly air.


  • It has high down fill for warmth
  • It has a simple closure system
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • It spots storm, ribbed cuffs


  • The pockets are not fully insulated
  • The hood is large for most sizes


This down parka is at the top of warm jackets. Woolrich is dedicated to bringing the best of winter wear. It is ultra-soft and super warm. It is from high-end quality materials with a classic style, and it has multiple color options.


These are powerful brands synonymous with the best quality winter jackets. They do not rank high just because of their long standing in the market. Instead, their performance keeps them afloat as the best winter jacket brands. Fortunately, they offer attractive prices and no compromises. Get you next winter jacket from these brands, and you’ll never contend with inclement weather.

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