How to Pack and Travel Like a Pro

How to Pack and Travel Like a Pro

Packing is more than just stuffing items into your bag. It is a skill we all must learn if we are to enjoy traveling. Here are a few tips for your consideration as you will be packing for your next trip.

Plan your travel.

It’s been said failing to plan is planning to fail. Even so your packing. Therefore, ensure you have understood key travel details before you actually put anything in your bag.

Among others, these are the most crucial details:

  • The present weather condition of your destination.
  • The nature of the visit. Is it official or informal?
  • How long the trip/ vacation will last.

Take good note of the details as it will determine what you pack and how you pack.

Make use of a checklist.

Based on your planning details, come up with a list of things (clothing, accessories, electronic gadgets, books, and any other relevant material) you will need on your upcoming journey. If you can note it down somewhere the better.

This is an effective measure to help you remember and include all the necessities during packing. Otherwise, you might be carried away by the excitement of traveling and forget important items causing you great inconveniences.  

Choose a suitable bag.

When it comes to bagging, there are no strict rules. Just ensure the bag is durable (enough to last you the journey) and large enough to carry your belongings.

Also, it is wise to pick one that is light enough when empty. Some bags are made of heavy materials which when combined with the weight of your belonging will become uncomfortably heavy.

If you are to fly to your destination, confirm with your carrier the requirements for carry-on and check-in bags to avoid inconveniences on traveling day.

Travel light.

A light traveler is a happy traveler. You don’t have to carry everything you had planned to. Follow these nuggets to cut down on your luggage:

  • Since shoes take up much space, limit your selection to at most two pairs.
  • Choose neutral colored clothes that can be worn in different combinations.
  • Include re-wear clothes.
  • Carry only the very essential items. Limit the number of “just in case” items.
  • Avoid carrying many bulky and fluffy clothes like sweaters and jackets which take up large spaces.

How to pack.

I know you have been waiting for this. How do I actually pack like a pro? Let’s answer this pertinent question.

Heavy items should be packed first at the bottom of the bag. Position the heaviest such that they will directly be over the wheels when the bag is upright. Maximize the spaces in between the bulky items and on the sides by fitting in the small items like books, belts, gloves, socks, and toiletries.

Then pack the lighter items such that, the lighter items are on the top. And keep in mind the distribution of weight. A properly distributed weight will be easy to carry.  

As the debate of rolling vs. neat folding of clothes rages, it’s wise to choose clothes made with fabrics that are wrinkle-free.

And by the way… carry an extra bag. You may come across something good which you will want to buy. And don’t forget to pack your survival medical kit.

Now you can pack like a pro!

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