Travel Luggage 101: What You Need to Know

Travel Luggage 101: What You Need to Know

When that business trip or vacation beckons, a good travel bag comes in handy. Not only does it guarantee a great packing experience but is also an assurance of a comfortable journey ahead. But do you really know what type of bag to use for your journey? Well, we will have a look at the different variations of travel luggage then based on your need you can pick the most appropriate one for you.

There are many types of travel luggage, as many as are manufacturers. Before we explore what is available on the market, let’s first understand the factors you need to take into account when selecting travel luggage for the journey.  

Factors to consider when choosing travel luggage

Among others, these are the most critical factors to be considered in the selection process.

  • What is the nature/ type of the journey?
  • How long will the trip last?
  • What means of transport will I use?
  • What activities will I do there?
  • What are the non-substitutable items I must carry?

A precise answer to the questions will lead you to the most suitable bag for you.

Types of travel luggage

Carry on.

These are small, lightweight bags. They are easy to carry and ideal for short travels. The additional feature of many compartments/ pockets that is good for organization. More important, it meets the carry-on requirements of airlines and can fit in the overhead bin without struggles.

Rolling luggage.

It is a large bag that rolls on either two or four wheels. It is suitable for long travel where you need to carry many things. Moreover, it is a shoppers’ dream bag as it allows them to buy in bulk without having to worry about weight.

The good thing about this luggage is that you will not personally bear the weight, you simply roll it. The additional compartments also allow you organize your belongings accordingly.

Beware you may be forced to pay for this luggage when using some airlines.


There are two versions, backpack carried over the shoulders and rolling/ wheeled backpacks.

The wheeled backpack works just like the rolling luggage and is great with heavy gear. The shoulder backpack is good as it frees your hands to carry more luggage if need be. It’s ideal for adventure travel.

A disadvantage is that it may increase sweating on the back. Besides, it may result in shoulder and back pains if the load carried is heavy.

Duffel bag.  

It is your traditional travel bag with a large middle compartment and smaller side compartments. The design makes it ideal for sportspeople carrying sporting gear.

The bag can be worn over the shoulders to free the hand. More to that, it can easily pass as a carry-on to the plane.

Wheeled duffel bags offer excellent mobility for heavy luggage.

Spinner luggage.

It’s your typical wheeled luggage but one that allows a 3600 wheel rotation. The biggest addition it brings is increased maneuverability.

Brand picks

The most notable luggage brands are Rockland, TravelPro, Delsey, Samsonite, US Traveller, Kenneth Cole, WallyBags, American Tourister, Travel Select and Olympia.

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